Ruler of the Entire World: What an Empire-Democracy looks like

The world of Elgana has one ruling body over all six Rings and all races. How can this even be possible? Before we get into that…

Who rules Elgana?

The High Collection (HC).

It is the top ruling body, the main political system, and is made up of representatives of five races; Human, Halfhuman, Kathula, Sorcerer, Edgling. The purpose of HC to regulate law and order in the six Rings.

Each representative also has their own second-in-command, police force, and secretaries.

During “The Choice of Aurvandil” this system was corrupt, but during “The Gold of Charmteller”, the system regained itself.

An Empire-Democracy

The Empire State Building has nothing to do with this although the name sparks curiosity.

In terms of political systems in our world, the High Collection is like an Empire-Democracy.

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The Empire part within the High Collection…

An Empire is ruled by one. As I mentioned, the High Collection rules the Ringed World of Elgana and is the only ruler.

The democracy part within the High Collection…

A democracy allows citizens to vote for laws and leaders.

  • Each race’s representative is elected by the citizens of each of their races.
  • Each race’s representative will have the chance to act as the leader of the High Collection and make the final decisions about things. The leader must always think of every single race and not favor their own.
  • The leader of the High Collection is not a president or king. They are just the one that makes the final decision.
  • Each representative will hold the leading position for three years and┬áserve maximum nine years as a member of the High Collection.
  • When laws are passed out by the High Collection, citizens vote on them.

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