About the Author: Enna L. Foxwood

author logo new fox

First thing’s first, she did not plan on making her initials ELF. If you’ve just noticed it now, well, now you’ve noticed it more. That was just a coincidence. So, what does the “L” stand for? That’s a little mystery that will remain a mystery…perhaps.

Enna L. Foxwood is a writer of mostly fantasy who loves dabbing into other genres especially mystery, and literary fiction style satire. Her main project is the World of Elgana, an epic fantasy world. She also has a collection of 700 poems and her aim is to reach 1000 some day. Hopefully. Sometimes she uses her poetry skills to include short poems or songs in her stories.

When she’s not writing, Enna spends time watching YouTube. She’s got quite a range of YouTubers in her subscribed list. Arts and crafts, animation, gamers, nature documentary channels, and more! Some of her favorite singers/music artists are Lindsey Stirling, Little Mix, Home Free, and Heilung, but she’s always open to discovering new music like Blu DeTiger’s cool bass guitar songs.

Enna is also a daily coffee drinker and a cat lover, but she’ll always have a soft spot for foxes and leaf sheep.


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