About the Site

Welcome to Foxwood Forest!

Enna L. Foxwood is your host tonight, or morning, whichever you prefer for your current time of the day.

Foxwood Forest is a metaphor for the creative space in my head. I’ve also lived near a forest most of my life, so many of my stories have a forest in them. Foxwood Forest is also the name of a fictional forest of which I’ve written some poetry. You can find my poetry on this site!

Now, let’s get into what else you can find on this site 😀

The World of Elgana is my main project. It includes two fantasy books at the moment (2021). More coming soon? We’ll see 😉

Blog Hub contains my writing experience, random thoughts or ideas, fun historical facts related to my stories, and more random fun stuff.

Writing Advice & Tips includes writing advice and tips for fiction writers on a variety of topics such as, how to be original, how to edit, how to critique, finding blog topics, writing in omniscient view, types of hooks for your books, etc.

Forest of Poetry is the hub of poetry posted on this site. Selected from a collection of over 700 poems.

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-Always remember, laughter leads to happiness-