The World of Elgana

What is the World of Elgana?

All stories which occur in the fictional fantasy world called Elgana are collectively called The World of Elgana. Behind the scenes articles list here.

The World of Elgana Novels

(Covers by me.)

You can find the first three books available to read for FREE on my Wattpad page here.

Lunar Heart, Shadow Bound – Pinti ventures into unknown land for revenge on her enemies and to save her race from extinction.

Lone Gold, Daring Purple – Cypur seeks answers to his heritage to figure out why his magick is out of control.

Paws Chase Murder Case – Scotch wants to find out who really killed his policeman father and joins police academy to catch the culprit.

Storm Heart, Fire Soul – Kaiver runs from his past until it catches up to him, and must face his true enemies to save the world from darkness and destruction.