Omniscient Discoveries 1: Commentary

Some time ago, I wrote an article on this website about how to write in omniscient. Don't! Don't go looking for it. I took it down because it was wrong. I'm still not qualified to give advice on how to write omniscient like how it's written in some literary fiction classics. Instead, let me tell you some things I have discovered about the trade. This is the first article in a series of my discoveries about omniscient style writing.

How to Write an Original Story

A lot of people struggle with being original. "It's been done before." "Some TV show did it before I could do anything with my story." "It's so cliche I hate my writing." It's all been said. Nothing is unique, and you sound like a copycat. So how do you find originality? How do you find something that is so unique not even the billions of people around you have ever thought about? Sounds so daunting...