How to Write an Original Story

A lot of people struggle with being original. “It’s been done before.” “Some TV show did it before I could do anything with my story.” “It’s so cliche I hate my writing.”

It’s all been said. Nothing is unique, and you sound like a copycat. So how do you find originality? How do you find something that is so unique not even the billions of people around you have ever thought about? Sounds so daunting…

Let me tell you a story about my experience.

I struggled so much the same way you are right now. I thought, “Gee, whatever I come up with, it’s been done before. Whatever story I write, I’m just copying someone’s style. Where is my originality? How do I find it?”

I took a bunch of Creative Writing classes in university thinking, “Maybe I just need to be in a classroom and learn more about Creative Writing because I am self-taught. Maybe someone can tell me what I’m missing.”

But I just couldn’t find it. I knew it had to be there otherwise how were professional writers publishing books?

It was one cloudy day on my way back from class to my dorm. I was struggling with the idea of originality. How can you be original if it has all been done before? What is originality?

man walking on floor

My walking pace became faster as my frustration level rose. The campus almost whizzed by me.

What is my originality? What is my originality?! I just didn’t understand how people could find their’s but I was so stuck here. This fast walking was not helping and I was just getting more and more worried that my story will just never be enough (I couldn’t help this reference, sorry :P)

I slowed my whirlwind of thoughts down and thought about the sentence: What is my originality? Put writing aside, look now here, you that is me, what is original about you, huh?

Well, me. I mean, I’m not them. I’m me and I’m original.

Saying I was gobsmacked matches the feeling. I nearly slapped my face at the realization of the phrase I just said in my head. “I’m original.”

That was it! Exactly it! I was original. No one could write the way I do. No one had a brain exactly like mine or had the experiences that I had experienced. I was unique and therefore, so was my writing and my stories.

Someone could take one of my books and write it, but they would never EVER be able to write it the way I do. I am unique and original. I had it with me the entire time.

Back to the title of this article.

How to write an original story?

You are doing it already. You are being original because YOU yourself are original! No one else is like you and they can never write like you do. Only YOU can write like you.

So take pride in your story. Own up to it. Be confident. You are writing your own original story. Lift your head up.


“You got this, writer.”


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