Lone Gold, Daring Purple

“Lone Gold, Daring Purple” is a fantasy novel taking place in the World of Elgana. Below is a link to the book on Wattpad. Hope you enjoy 😀 Find the hub of Behind the Scenes HERE

GofC Lone Gold Daring Purple c2

READ “Lone Gold, Daring Purple” on Wattpad

Genre: Fantasy, adventure, YA


Cypur is different from other Sorcerers. He’s shorter, nicer, has naturally golden hair, and is held back from advancing in school again! This time, he’s threatened with exile all because of a minor magick defect. Why can’t he be like other Sorcerers?

One day he meets a raven Halfhuman named Wescherlie. She’s a rarity that can fly without transforming into a raven. While trying to rescue her from bounty hunters, Cypur is blamed for two deaths. One, he didn’t do. The other, an accident out of his control.

With the police on their tails, and bounty hunters after them for his magick and her wings, Cypur and Wescherlie run away as ‘partners in crime’ to prove him innocent and find Wescherlie’s parents she thinks are still alive. Meanwhile, Cypur’s magick is unstable and if he doesn’t figure out something soon, it could kill again.

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