Lunar Heart, Shadow Bound

“Lunar Heart, Shadow Bound” is a high-fantasy novel taking place in the World of Elgana. Below is a link to the book on Wattpad. Hope you enjoy 😀 Find the hub of Behind the Scenes HERE

Elgana - Lunar Heart Shadow Bound c

READ “Lunar Heart, Shadow Bound” on Wattpad. This book is a Wattpad Editor’s Choice!

Genre: High-fantasy, adventure, YA


Pinti is a fun-loving child of the blue feline race Kathula. When the shapeshifting Edglings kill those she loves, her heart darkens and she is suddenly thrust into the unknown world. For revenge on the Edglings, she must find an ancient and powerful scepter that can only grant one wish, once in a hundred years.

But the Edglings are also after the scepter to rule the world and kill Kathula. To stop their selfish desires and to save her race, Pinti must brave a world filled with discrimination and betrayal where a wrong move could mean certain death.

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