Writing Advice and Tips

This is the hub of all articles of writing advice and tips.

Advice and tips for writing fiction. Topics include world-building, omniscient point of view, how to get started, being original, editing, critiquing, etc.


Pros & Cons

It’s good to know pros and cons to decide what is best for you 🙂

Tips for Writing Fiction

Specifically on World Building

Omniscient Discoveries

A Study on Omniscient Point of View

Since a lot of information online confuses what omniscient is, and people tend to give conflicting advice, I’ve had to figure out through trial and much error how to write omniscient. Here are some of my findings which I hope will help others.

Editing Your First Draft / First Chapter

How to edit your story? Where to start? When to end? While there are a lot of resources on editing and there are even professionals you can pay to edit your story, you as a writer must first do some on your own. From my own experience, here are some tips, advice, suggestions, and personal anecdotes using my stories as examples.

Critiquing and Being Critiqued

I also critique on Wattpad. I have some advice and suggestions.


Not only am I a writer of fiction, I also write blogs. Here are some tips.