Behind the Scenes of Elgana

A hub of all articles related to the World of Elgana. You can find general articles about the world, learn about the different races/species, or some fantasy language histories. There are some extra bits and more to come! 😀

About Elgana

A World Made of Rings

Secrets of The Forest Crup

Space Travel in the Rings

Where is the salt?

Four Portals of the Rings

Ruler of the Entire World: What an Empire-Democracy looks like

Two Types of Portals

About the world during “Lunar Heart, Shadow Bound”

Effects of Political Corruption in the Six Rings

Yum, Yum, Yum? Fantasy Fiction Food!

The Legend of the Scepter of Tamido

“The Choice of Aurvandil” terminology

About the world during “Lone Gold, Daring Purple”

After Peace: Law Enforcement of Elgana

About the Races


Humans – a Wiki


Halfhumans – a Wiki

Halfhuman Race: What kinds are there? | ORIGINAL Halfhuman Art |

A Rauvuren Asaves Lifestyle


Kathula – a Wiki

Kathula Clan Structure | Kathula – About Potions | WHAT IF: All Deities Existed for All of Us??  | Shaman/Shamala-in-Training | Marrying into the Clan Leader’s Family


Sorcerers – a Wiki

Ranks of Sorcerers | How Sorcerers ThinkHow near-immortal Sorcerers dieThe Truth About Sorcerer MagickTeleportation Magick has Limits


Edglings – a Wiki

Army Ranks of Edglings (Shaa)

more coming soon…


A Language for Everyone | Ancient and Modern Kathulan (on Kathula languages)


Pinti Segnoshua – Profile