Human-borns & Sorcerer-borns

Before we get into the details, take a gander at this Q & A.

You: Can’t anyone become a Sorcerer? Like, in Harry Potter, Hermoine is a witch from a non-magic family.

Me: Nope. One can only be a Sorcerer if they have the genetic ability to use magic.

You: Magic where?

Me: Magic is always in the air. Like oxygen, it exists in the air. Magic levels are high in the Fourth Ring and that is where Sorcerers live.

You: Are Sorcerers stronger in strong magic places or weaker in places with not much magic?

Me: No. The amount of magic in the air does not affect their powers. In strong magic places, they just feel a little more energetic than places that don’t have much magic. However, that does not affect their magic capabilities.

Now that we’ve established that, we can then move on to say that Sorcerers are not always born in the Fourth Ring or between two Sorcerers.

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Magical Child

As I said, magic is always in the air. That doesn’t determine the existence of Sorcerers. Just as Humans can exist anywhere, so can Sorcerers. Magic is not like oxygen. It’s not a lifeline.

Sorcerers are called “Sorcerers” if they have the genetic ability to use magic and if they cast spells. Even if they are Humans or Halfhumans, they will take on the race name “Sorcerer”.

This means that Sorcerer parents can look like the combinations below. Ordered from most likely to have a magical child to least likely to have a magical child.


Human-Human (non-magical)

Halfhuman-Halfhuman (non-magical)

(Human-Sorcerer and Halfhuman-Sorcerer combinations do not exist because of very low contact rates.)


The first one is obvious. Two Sorcerers would make a Sorcerer child.

Human-Human parent combination is quite common, but it is a problem for a magical child (called a Human-born Sorcerer). Magic in the veins means the child will age slower, out living their parents even though they are still much, much younger. How sad is that? You are still young and in need of parental guidance, but your parents are dead.

Two Halfhuman parents rarely create a Sorcerer child because weak genes from the mixture of already being Human and anthro.

Some types of Halfhumans will most likely create a Sorcerer child: Rauvuren (type of Asaves), Kraitai (type of Canessian), Lizlerrin (type of Reptilen), Ropardia (type of Felissian), or Leovra (type of Felissian).

Other types can create Sorcerer children, but they are rare.

Non-Magical Child

There are cases where any of the Sorcerer combinations will not create a magical child.

It becomes a problem when the parent combination is Sorcerer-Sorcerer. Sorcerers have a high regard of themselves and value their magic abilities and shun other races. If they have a non-magical child, they will not be able to love them because they know the child will die soon.

Non-magical children will die sooner and age faster than their parents because magic in the veins makes Sorcerers age slower.

However, note that Sorcerers are not mean. They do want what is best for the child.

Adoption Solution

Based on the this, the Human race leader and Sorcerer race leader have gotten together to create an adoption solution.

Whenever a magical child is born from Humans, the Human parents will bring the child to the joint adoption facility. Similarly, whenever a non-magical child is born from Sorcerer parents whether the child is Human or Halfhuman, they will be taken to the joint adoption facility as well.

This facility is run by non-magical Humans and Halfhumans on one side (located in the Second Ring) and Sorcerers on the Sorcerer side (located also in the Second Ring).

Non-magical Human and Halfhuman carers will take the non-magical children while Sorcerer carers take the magical children.

Non-magical children will then be adopted into proper non-magical Human or Halfhuman families. Magical children will then be adopted into Sorcerer families. Typically, magical children who are Human will be adopted into Human Sorcerer families, and magical Halfhuman children will be adopted into Halfhuman Sorcerer families.

Since Halfhuman Sorcerer families are quite limited, Halfhuman sub-types (for example, Kraitai or Leovra) may end up living together.

It is important to note that children aren’t being traded like things. But, sometimes, an actual exchange does happen if the Sorcerer family ends up with the Sorcerer child from the Human family that adopted the Human child of that Sorcerer family.

(Am I making sense?)

But in the end, everyone is happy.

Sorcerer children receive proper care. Non-magical Human/Halfhuman children receive proper care. Both are loved.


It has happened, especially in the beginning. The fact that those children were adopted was (and still is) not a secret in society.

Sorcerer children born from Humans were labeled as Human-borns.

Human children born from Sorcerers were labeled as Sorcerer-borns.

Sometimes they were segregated. Sometimes the discrimination was really bad.

However, as time went on and the practice became more and more common, the labels became commonplace in society and not a discriminatory word…somewhat. Human-borns have become high-ranking Sorcerers and Sorcerer-borns have proved to be normal, good Humans or Halfhumans.

But, of course, there are still those who use the labels negatively.

Especially in Sorcerer society, “Human-born” can still be used as an insult to Human-born Sorcerers or, even just Sorcerers who aren’t that smart or make a lot of mistakes. However, this discrimination is minor.




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