Ultimate Species Wiki Template

This is the ultimate species wiki template that I have been using for my own species to better understand them and it also helps me in writing my story when I need more information. This is a template I created for my own writing, so it might not match your style, but I hope you can take something away from it and use it for your world building. Write it as if you are explaining it to someone. That will help you organize your thoughts and ideas.

Two Types of Portals

There are two types of portals in Elgana; normal portals and rogue portals. Normal portals are often just referred to as "portals". But what are rogue portals? Here are some interesting facts about rogue portals through comparison with normal portals. Normal portals are created with precision and care, considering the safety of those who pass through it. You will always end up in the location desired. Normal portals are found at Portal Stations and the only affect they have on the environment is that cities where there are portals can experience time differently. A day may not always be 24 hours.