The World During 2: 1826, December

The Façade of Quad in Nimrod takes place in a fictional 1826 – 1827 England.

Just out of curiosity, I wondered what the world was really doing during 1826 – 1827. So I decided to look it up and write about it. Here we will talk about December, most importantly, Christmas.

Leading Up To Christmas

The events in the Facade of Quad (for short) leading up to Christmas are crucial to the story. It’s right before the major climax in the story. We are climbing the stairs higher and higher. We are running, rushing to the top. We are breathing hard and we are anxious!

Also, a bunch of mysteries are solved and some characters die.

But what happens in the real world? Are things as climatic and dramatic as they are in the Facade of Quad?

(I was going to use a website called “On This Day” but Wiki gave me more results.)

Some Edwards Guy’s Republic of Fredonia

If you are someone who is a historian of United States history, you might already know about this. But I’m not and I didn’t know about this. What kind of name is Fredonia? How about Williamland or maybe take your own name Edwards and call it Benjamiland or Edwardonia?

December 16 – Benjamin W. Edwards rides into Mexican-controlled Nacogdoches, Texas, and declares himself ruler of the Republic of Fredonia. (Wiki: 1826)

Ruler? Like, what, a king?

December 21 – Fredonian Rebellion: American settlers in Mexican Texas make the first attempt to secede from Mexico, establishing the Republic of Fredonia, which will survive for just over a month. (Wiki: 1826)

It appears that in 1825 this Edwards guy mistakenly thought “that he had the authority to determine the validity of existing land claims” and got people to come to his little land space from the surrounding United States. (Wiki: Fredonian Rebellion). You know, I didn’t know the U.S. once had a teeny tiny country inside of it.

Lots of sneaky things happened in 1826 and people were killed or arrested and Edwards was unsuccessful a lot. He and his followers ceased a single building and declared the independence of the Republic of Fredonia. Seems like Edwards named it himself.

Couldn’t he have come up with a snazzier name? :/

Involving Cherokees and Texas military, things get crazier and crazier.

As you read through the Wiki on the Fredonian Rebellion, you realize that there were some crazy people back in the day (as there are now). Hollywood should make the Republic of Fredonia into a movie if they haven’t already.

Eggnog Riot, It’s A Real Thing

A little happy that a memorable Christmas Day event was as chaotic and dramatic as the fictional one I wrote.

December 25 – The Eggnog Riot breaks out at the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York during the early morning hours, but is squelched by Christmas chapel service. (Wiki: 1826)

The Wiki article page for Eggnog Riot is really long. Wikipedia goes into immense detail about what happened during what time to what time. I guess someone kept close track of what was going on.

Apparently drunk people started a riot on Christmas Eve. A third of the cadets of the Academy were involved because someone had smuggled in whisky to make eggnog despite that there was some law created prior that all eggnog would be alcohol free.

Basically a bunch of drunk men broke the law and caused a riot. Some poor teacher had to deal with drunk cadets who were wandering the halls drunk, making loud noises in their rooms, breaking windows, hitting people, and shooting stuff.

Not to mention most of this happened in the middle of the night to early morning.

I don’t think many people got much sleep Christmas Eve night or had much rest Christmas morning.

I don’t think anyone got presents from Santa Claus that night 😛 Scare the reindeer away with some loud drunks.

Again, Hollywood should make a movie about this. It would be highly entertaining.

Normal History Thing

Dec. 25 – Major Edmund Lockyer arrives at King George Sound, to take possession of the western part of Australia, establishing a settlement near Albany. (Wiki: 1826)

This is kind of an ordinary historical fact. A British soldier went out to claim a part of Australia for Britain back in the day.

That’s all folks.

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