Forest of Poetry

The Forest of Poetry is the hub of all poetry posted in this site. Make sure to read the following before scrolling to the bottom of this page.

I have over 700 poems.

The ones you will see here are those that are:

  • Author’s Choice.
  • Ones that people from community online writing websites have liked.

I don’t know how to categorize poems. You’ll just have to check out ones with titles that intrigue you.

Next to the poem is a number and this corresponds to the one in the original draft in my Word file so I know which number I posted 😛 Also to brag a little about how many poems I have.

Smaller numbers do not mean the poem is older.

Frequency of Posting

Poetry will not have any specific schedule of posting.

Glossary of Warning Terms

If they don’t have a warning, they are for all ages 🙂

Non-YC: Some of the content is not for young children (YC). Mostly these are in the horror genre that talk about death, violence, and/or something depressing about love. Love can be depressing, but children don’t need to know about that yet 😛

Trigger: Might include topics like suicide or bullying.

The Forest of Poetry

A Delectable Day (#674)

A long way home (#34)

A rant of I forgot (#461)

Bubble (#28)

Blind, Autistic, Musical Savant – Jesse (#637)

Capture Wild (#328)

Conscience (#481)

Dandelions (#48)

Find Me (#421)

Fishy (#388)

Hoard of Love (#472)

I hate math! (#160)

I made Brownies today! (#25)

Like a Fluorescent Light (#420)

my pet zombie (#15)

My Seashell Necklace (#165)

Oz & Wonderland (#339) Non-YC

Standing Still (#316)

Smile (#172)

The ocean still… (#631)

Thunderstorm at my house (#423)

At the end of June or July (#719)

Magic in the Sky (#696)

more coming soon…