I’ve been scammed: A Lesson to Writers

Writers, beware.

So four days ago from today, I got this email:

Hello N—–,

I work communications on behalf of the book publishing company Z Publishing House. I found your website, “THE TIGER WRITER”, online and thought you may be interested in submitting some of your writing to our “America’s Emerging Writers” series edition (for Oregon). The complete details on the series can be found on our website–in the “Upcoming Books” section.

After you’ve read up on what we intend to accomplish with this series, I’d appreciate if you could let me know whether you intend to submit so I can inform our editors. Thanks!


Lynne Madrid
Communications, Z Publishing House
2635 4 Mile Road, Racine, WI, 53404
Box 44103
www . zpublishinghouse . com (crossed out so it won’t link them here)
Then, when I hadn’t replied yet, they sent me a follow-up today.
Now, you might think:
Yaaay! Finally someone noticed me!

But just to make sure I asked around about this. Is it legit? Do I send them my writing? Will I retain my rights?

Apparently, I was smart enough to doubt because here it says they try to get as much money from the book as possible and…the people who buy it aren’t the masses but your friends, your family, and even just yourself.

One important thing that just flew right out of my head is that:

publishers do not scout out nobody authors.


As sad and depressing as it may seem, they don’t. Countless LEGIT writing websites like Writer’s Digest have said this. Publishers have their slush pile of sent-in hopeful manuscripts and don’t NEED to go out and find authors that don’t have agents.

If a publisher emails you and says they wanna see ya writin’ or they wanna know if you wanna publish with them,

be suspicious.

Do some digging, find out more about them not just from their website. If you are on a writer’s website, ask around. See if anyone’s heard of them.

But in the end,

legit publishers do not scout nobodies.

So, it’s a scam.

Don’t worry, I didn’t say yes to them. They will now be ignored. I have learned.

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