A World Made of Rings

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This infographic is something I have also posted on my Instagram. It shows best what I’m talking about. Ignore the part that says “link in my bio”. That’s just to redirect people to this site.

The World of Elgana

The Name

“Elgana” is a name which the natives of the world (now largely extinct) gave to the world. It means “a wandering goddess, the magical protector”. The wandering goddess is the moon and the natives saw the moon as their protector.

What is a Ringed World?

The World of Elgana, also called the Six-Ringed World, is made of six Rings. Well, not like Saturn’s rings. These are just torus (doughnut-shaped) worlds one inside the other and each world is called a Ring.

There is space between Rings and when I say space I mean universe. So, you can imagine, Elgana is HUGE. There’s enough space between Rings that it can take up to one hour by policeship (two-person-driven small ship that police use) to get across. Insane.

As it says in the infographic, the First Ring is the innermost Ring, the smallest one. It’s also the oldest Ring, the one that scientists speculate was first created. The outermost Ring is the Sixth Ring. The biggest one. It’s also the youngest Ring.

Each Ring houses a specific race (Kathula in the Third Ring, for example) or has a specific purpose (like the Fifth Ring being used as a Jail Ring).

Brief History

Centuries ago, Humans overpopulated Earth and were looking for a new planet to inhabit.

Anyway, they discovered Elgana which had many anthropomorphics (or humanoids or anthros, you can say) and normal animals living peacefully. Instead of going in peacefully, Humans decided to invade the world destroying the peace and most anthros have since gone extinct.

Why so? Well, Humans enslaved anthros and then decided to, well, make families. Whatever possessed them to do that :/ I know. Weird. Don’t think about it too much.

That’s where Halfhumans come from. Half human and half anthro.

It’s also because of Human invasion that Kathula became the only anthro species left, essentially turning Kathula into a race of their own. Why Kathula became the only species left? They were magical and the other anthros weren’t and Humans were afraid of their magick, simply speaking.

The same thing with Edglings (who are, I must note, not anthros but shapeshifters). Humans feared them and so they didn’t mess with them.

After much trial and error with how to occupy the Rings and after many revisions of politics and systems, at last the five races – Humans, Halfhumans, Sorcerers, Kathula, and Edglings – decided who was going to live where (explained more below) and created the one ruling body, the Empire Democracy of the High Collection.

That’s where it stands currently.

Unique Things about Elgana

No Oceans

There are no oceans, only lakes. The First Ring only has underground water. It may not rain as much here. There are freshwater streams, natural sources that bubble up to the surface and make snaky rivers that flow into each other in a circle or drop off the edge (which I’ll get to in a bit).

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The Two Moons

There are two moons that never wax and wane. They are always full. Except, of course, when clouds cover them.

One, is a larger moon called Ikyliell. The other is a much smaller moon called Nyliell. Ikyliell is the female and considered the goddess, or Lunar Goddess (which not all races believe in) and she is considered to be the lover or wife of Nyliell, the male.

The two moons pass differently across the sky depending on the Ring. For example, in the Third Ring, Ikyliell is often ahead of Nyliell, appearing in the sky more often. Once every few months or so, Nyliell catches up and they can be seen together. But in the Fourth Ring, both moons are always visible at night.

The One Sun

One sun exists simultaneously for every single Ring. The sun is a mystery. It can set at different speeds depending on how close are far a region is from a portal. Or maybe it just looks like it sets at different speeds? No one knows what the heck is going on here. They just live with it.

The Edges

I said the world is made out of six Rings.

Imagine a wedding ring. You put your finger through the hole. That’s where you can’t live. You can live anywhere on the outer parts or the curved sides of that wedding ring, but not in the middle where you put your finger through.

Well, you can, but it will trip up your life. Time is distorted near the hole and it just drops off like an edge. If you hang your laundry over the edge and drop a sock, it will go floating out into space and you cannot retrieve it.

The most interesting edge is the one in the First Ring. The middle hole is not made of the same matter as the spaces between Rings. Scientists are still studying this hole. Probes that go in, never return. Time is so distorted here that a large portion before the edge is blocked off by the government for safety.

Some speculate that whatever this hole is, it’s keeping Elgana from collapsing.

Details of the Six Rings

First Ring

Innermost Ring. High technology, lots of desert plains, arid, dry, with towns and/or mega cities built near or around oases. Towns are called Civilization Pockets. A single pocket is sometimes referred to as a Civilization almost in a condescending way because the citizens inside are not always exactly “civilized”. Greenery is not non-existent, but it is rather sparse.

The First Ring is well-known for it’s highly interracial city, Syaraize (sai-ah-rayz OR sha-rayz), where the biggest portal sits. It’s also known to be the most politically active Ring and the hub for science especially because it has the hole in the middle. The edge I talked about previously.

Dominate Race: Humans

Second Dominate Race: Halfhumans

Second Ring

The second from the innermost First Ring.

Like the First Ring, it has high technology and mega cities, but there is more greenery and large lakes. While there may be some dry areas, most of the Second Ring has a lot of lush nature. There are places still today where towns or cities still retain the old rock or brickwork styles for houses. You could say most architecture is traditional with a mixture of modern technology which includes glass buildings and the use of metal.

Dominate Race: Halfhumans

(Some Humans may live here if they have married a Halfhuman, but most often married couples will move to the First Ring.)

Third Ring

Prolonged isolation created a beautiful ecosystem where pollution and other Human activity is non-existent. Rocky hills, desert plains, lush green forests, vast grass fields,  rivers, and a marshland, the Third Ring has not changed much since the dawn of time. The race that lives here have a simple lifestyle and build wooden cottages or huts with whatever they can find.

Dominate Race: Kathula

Fourth Ring

Where magic is thickest in the air. Cobblestone roads, brick houses, and stone houses make up this Ring. The nature is limited to the forests and lakes. Elsewhere, the nature is stripped to make way for living spaces. Technology for transportation is modern, however, means to light the house are mostly oil lamps or candles keeping to a traditional lifestyle for the most part. Some households have recently welcomed in modern lighting systems like those used in the First Ring.

Dominate Race: Sorcerers

Fifth Ring

Elgana’s only Jail Ring. The only Ring that is closed off to everyone except anyone who works for the police factions. Criminals of any race will be taken to this location and live a life of survival promoting self-reflection, or be put into can-shaped cylinder cages stacked on top of each other if those criminals are considered dangerous to others.

Despite the rather rambunctious crowd here, the forests are maintained and the lakes are kept clean, so the Fifth Ring, you could say, is as beautiful as the Third with most of it’s old environment preserved since the dawn of time.

Dominate Race: Most of the criminals are Humans or Halfhumans. Sorcerers rarely find themselves here and since Kathula are isolated, they will not end up in the Jail Ring.

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Sixth Ring

The outermost Ring of Elgana. It is the least environmentally developed Ring with volcanic eruptions all-year-round and volcanic plains giving off toxins into the air. Most of the Ring is volcanic plains and lava rivers making the air extremely hot, but farther north is below freezing where ice blizzards and snowstorms are the norm all through the year. These harsh environments make this place uninhabitable for any race except those born from the shadows of lava.

Dominate Race: Edglings (Shaa)

Details of the Five Races


Just like us living in a society similar to our own with a bit more advancement in technology yet the same amount of stupidity. They are not capable of using magic unless they are born with the genetic ability. Since “Human” is a race, any ethnicity that we know of (American, Mexican, Japanese, Swedish, Chinese, anything) is called a “specie”. This is in no way a discriminating word. It’s quite normal.

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The product of integration between the Human and Anthropomorphic species; a hybrid race. Halfhumans typically have different specie names (e.g., Haundai is the specie name for a Halfhuman which has some dog-like characteristics along with some human parts). They are not capable of using magic unless they have the genetic ability.

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An anthropomorphic (or called humanoid or anthro) cat specie which isolated themselves away from Humans to avoid integration during the invasion. Humans also feared them and their magick so they did not invade Kathula’s territories.

After Kathula became the only anthropomorphic specie alive, their uniqueness promoted them to the status of “race”. Even though they desired to branch out into the world, clashes with Edglings forced them inside the Third Ring with no access to the rest of the world. Uses magick through potion-making, mixing natural ingredients especially herbs.

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Sorcerers can be either Human or Halfhuman. Sorcerers have the genetic ability to access magick and use it in potion-making, incantations, or short spells. The strength of magick depends on their skill and the strength of their minds. Uses natural ingredients for potion-making. Some magick may only require the Sorcerer to have knowledge of the particular spell needed.

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Edgling (Shaa)

Often called the Edglings, they call themselves the Shaa. These are shadowy creatures which are shapeshifters. They use blood and bones of animals in their potion making. Their magic also comes from their core which is like their hearts. They are the oppressors of Kathula.

They are said to be a type of anthropomorphic creature, however, this is still up for debate.

If they can shapeshift into non-anthro creatures, can they really be called anthros?

Ehhh, I don’t think so 😛

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Portals of the Rings

Between the rings lies space or something like it. Citizens go to and from rings by way of portals.

First Ring Portal(s): North and south.

Second Ring Portal(s): East.

Third Ring Portal(s): North amidst the grass fields.

Fourth Ring Portal(s): One in the north. And, Edge Portal in the south connects directly to the Sixth Ring and is off limits.

Note: The only way to get to the Fifth Ring is by space travel from the Fourth Ring. Unless you can find a rogue portal.

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Who Rules the Rings?

Today the rules and laws are regulated by the High Collection.

One representative from each race makes up the High Collection. Under the High Collection are the second-in-commands, the police, and secretaries, etc.

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