Two Types of Portals

There are two types of portals in Elgana; normal portals and rogue portals. Normal portals are often just referred to as “portals”. But what are rogue portals? Here are some interesting facts about rogue portals through comparison with normal portals.

Normal Portals Overview

Normal portals are created with precision and care, considering the safety of those who pass through it. You will always end up in the location desired. Normal portals are found at Portal Stations and the only affect they have on the environment is that cities where there are portals can experience time differently. A day may not always be 24 hours.

For more information on normal portals and portal stations, check this article.

Rogue Portals Overview

The definition of “rogue” is:

“behaving in ways that are not expected or not normal, often in a way that causes damage” (Cambridge Dictionary: rogue)

Rogue portals are not made in the conventional way often disregarding safety, there is no telling where you will end up if you travel through one, they are never found in convenient places, and they cause damage to the surrounding environment and distort time greatly, and possibly could harm you if you travel through one.

Now that we know the basics, let’s get into more detailed comparison.

Normal Portal vs Rogue Portal


Rogue Portals: Sorcerers. Often Human Sorcerers because they think they can do whatever they want and are outside the law. Human Sorcerers often forget that Sorcerer laws do exist. They usually make rogue portals to try to get to locations away from the public eye and to be sneaky. Makers of rogue portals usually abandon portals they don’t want to use anymore. This causes problems to the environment.

Normal Portals: Sorcerers of the High Collection and high-ranking Sorcerers called Archs. A normal portal can only be found at Portal Stations and they are heavily regulated and lots of traffic goes through. Makers of normal portals always keep up with maintenance and make sure the portals are safe for travel and are not affecting the environment.


Rogue Portals: In the Fourth Ring in various places. Sometimes almost invisible. Doesn’t make a sound.

Normal Portals: Between Rings at Portal Stations. Very visible. You can’t miss them. They also hum.


Rogue Portals: Some are better made than others. Better made rogue portals will always get you to the same location and not make you feel nauseous going through. Not well made portals might not always get you to the same location and you can feel sick going through them.

Some rogue portals can shoot you out into space temporarily before the part of the rogue portal on the receiving end catches you.

Don’t worry, space between Rings is breathable, although not many citizens know that.

Normal Portals: They have been made very carefully so they will not make you nauseous and always get you to the same location each time. Normal portals can stretch between Rings meaning you can walk through a portal without exiting out into space.


Rogue Portals: Often small. Sometimes only one person can go through at a time. Too many people might result in someone getting shoved out into space or to some halfway point.

Normal Portals: HUMONGOUS to be able to carry a lot of people in and out. For a visual, check here.


Rogue Portals: Too many to count. Some locations in the Fourth Ring have rogue portals just scattered about like confetti. Just everywhere.

Normal Portals: Four. One portal between each Ring. There is a fifth portal called the Edge Portal but this one is not part of the gang because it is made differently and the most ancient and no one needs to go from the Fourth Ring to the Sixth Ring except Edglings.

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