Four Portals of the Rings

Magic portals are the big convenience in a magical world.

When your character doesn’t have magical powers to teleport from Point A to Point B, or he doesn’t live in a world with transporters like in Star Trek, well, he’s in luck! Magic portals! 😀

Title: Portal (Made by Zicuta on Deviantart)

One place you see talk of convenient magic portals is within one of those fantasy games.

Every time the character advances to the next level, magic portal. A hidden level; magic portal. Treasure cove; magic portal.

When in doubt; magic portal.

The majority of magic portals I have seen, well, they all seem to not follow any kind of rule. They are just there for the character to walk through and end up elsewhere, often where they want to go and with no drawbacks. But my portals have more structure, history, and purpose.


are stations with limitations

Each portal is humongous and the colors are not pretty:

A portal in the First Ring compared to Human legal
Rough image of Portal & Human comparison. Actually the human can be even smaller in comparison to the portal.

Often a city is built near it or around it and typically there is a building built next to it, connected to the portal acting as a part of the portal station.

Each station has a few doors at which citizens will line up and wait for the doors to open.

The larger the portal, the more doors there are. Even though each door leads into the same portal, you can’t have so many people in one area.

Each portal lets in citizens in waves. Each wave takes about fifty to sixty citizens to prevent overcrowding within each portal.

If there is overcrowding, the excess people will be shoved into areas of the world they don’t want to be in.


are like airport security

Citizens line up and there are security guards to regulate the flow. But unlike airport security, there is no security check. Citizens are not particularly worried about weapons because it’s kind of normal to have them on their person (swords, knives, or guns).


open and close at certain times

Unlike magic portals in games, these portals have an opening time and a closing time. Those are regulated by security guards who are authorized to open and close the doors. The portals themselves will stay open forever but the doors to the portals will close at certain times.


connect other portals

First, Second, Third, and Fourth Rings are connected to each other by means of portals. You just need to know where to get off. Entering the first portal doesn’t mean you have to get off at the second portal. You can also go back if you need to. The Fourth Ring also connects to the Sixth Ring by means of the Edge Portal. We’ll get into that in a bit.

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How many portals in each Ring?

Each Ring has one portal. Only the Fourth Ring has two portals.

One connects to the Third, Second, and First Rings. This is the newer portal which was made almost simultaneously with the portals in other rings.

The other portal in the Fourth Ring connects to the Sixth Ring only and is called the Edge Portal.

Why is it separated?

  • Because it is the first portal: The Edge Portal was the first portal to ever have been created to connect Rings. Before that, citizens had minimal contact with each other unless they traveled through space. The Edge Portal connected Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Rings when portals first became a thing.
  • Because the magic is too ancient: The other three portals were created almost simultaneously and the magic used to create the Edge Portal was too ancient to connect it to the other three portals. Basically, magic incompatible.

Does the Edge Portal go through the Fifth Ring?

The Edge Portal does pass through the Fifth Ring. However, the Fifth Ring became a jail Ring so the exits and entries to the Fifth Ring needed to be locked or sealed off.

Can anyone go to the Edge Portal to get to the Sixth Ring?

No. A few reasons.

  1. For any race, the Edge Portal is heavily guarded by High Collection police which prevents any race from getting in or near the Edge Portal. Even Edglings who live in the Sixth Ring, seldom use the Edge Portal to access other Rings. (However, sometimes they use brutal force to access it.)
  2. You have to pass through the Fourth Ring to get to the Edge Portal. The Fourth Ring is the Ring of the Sorcerers who mostly hate other races and will not let you into their Ring.
  3. The Sixth Ring is only habitable for Edglings. There are constant volcanic eruptions, there are lava rivers, and it is much too hot, and the natural toxins in the air could kill you in a matter of minutes. Only Edglings can live in these conditions so even if you are able to get to the Edge Portal, you would not want to be propelled into the Sixth Ring by mistake.

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