Oh, Fluff, Write It Right

Note: This is a rant from one that writes a lot.

You know, sometimes I think dictionary people, or whoever comes up with words for us to say and write, should’ve thought through some words a bit more.

And also consider putting them together if they sound together.

Also, break the confusion will you please?

What I mean to say is that,

Each other.  Never mind. Description (unless British English but I could be wrong).

Do any of you ever say

each. other. ? We say it more like eachother. So it should be one word.


never. mind. ? We say nevermind.

But we are told these are wrong???


What the actual fluff?

Also, *ehem*, when you pronounce “description”, how many of you actually say “discription“? You don’t say DESS-cription. It’s DIS-cription. So naturally, it should be written that way.

Speaking of dictionary words,

those stupid subtle distinctions between counselor and councilor. Like, those are two completely different professions. And if you went to see the latter but spelled it as the former, that can bring a TON of confusion.

one ton
Did somebody say “a ton”?

Also, the stupid distinction we have to make between

He lied

He laid or is it lain? What?

The past passed (uh…no words discribe my annoyance). He passed me. Her pasts. Wait, how can a past be plural anyway? How many lives did you have? You’re not Buddha.

Also, describe should be discribe because that’s how we say it for goodness sake.

Some times & sometimes

Any more & anymore

It irks me

(It should be erk. Who says ee-rr-ck? We say er-ck.)

when people say, “I’ll take those ones. I like those ones.” Those ones. That’s actually considered bad-good grammar. Basically bad grammer that has been accepted into society because everyone loves it.

Another one: grammer. No one pronounces it “grammaaaar”. You say “grammer”. It should be spelled like that. Grammer Nazis, take that! Rawr.


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