ORIGINAL Halfhuman Art

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Fellissian - Ropardia legal c
Example of a Ropardia.

Specie: Fellissian

Sub-Specie: Ropardia

Characteristics: Human parts and leopard parts.

Not all Ropardia will look like the picture. Some may only have leopard paws or just a leopard tail depending on what species their parents were. If both are Ropardia, the leopard part genes may be stronger than the Human genes.

Ropardia are often competitive in nature. Today most Ropardia are heads of businesses, teachers, professors, or inventors.

However, in the household, both male and female Ropardia take care of their children.

There has recently been a scientific study on Ropardia children. Ropardia children with one Human parent and less leopard characteristics are more likely to become perfectionists or develop OCD. Some children may also have a higher tendency to become addicts to alcohol. This suggests that leopard part genes do not mix well with Human genes.

Because of this, some Ropardia are trying to create a town of only those with many leopard parts.

Canessian - Kraitai legal c
Example of Kraitai.

Specie: Canessian

Sub-specie: Kraitai

Characteristics: Human parts and polar bear parts.

Many Kraitai can become Sorcerers due to their genetic ability to freeze water particles. Their hair is an almost-white blond and their eyes are icy blue. Like many Halfhumans, not all Kraitai look like the picture. Some have more Human parts and often only the ears or paws are polar bear. Kraitai today do not have tails.

Kraitai’s body temperature is extremely low. Those who have never touched Kraitai skin may be shocked to find that it is icy while their fur is warm.

Despite the fact they are associated with ice and cold, Kraitai are extremely friendly in nature and love to hug and cuddle others.

Male Kraitai take on a lesser role in marriage and often become stay-at-home fathers. By nature, they are less ambitious in terms of getting jobs. Female Kraitai tend to be the bread winners of the family.

Reptilen - Lizlerrin legal c
Example of Lizlerrin.

Specie: Reptilen

Sub-specie: Lizlerrin

Characteristics: Human parts and lizard parts.

All Reptilen will show their reptile-coloring on their legs, arms, or both. Often it will be a shade of green or a greenish brown. Reptilen are also known to have their reptile-like long tongues. Lizlerrin and Gaetlin will have split ends. Some Reptilen may have scales and often Reptilen are born with reptile heads. The two sisters in the picture have lizard heads but they were too shy to face the camera.

All Reptilen are nocturnal (but it is not uncommon to also see them out during the day). Their bodies will naturally slow down in the day so most adults will take on night shifts in their jobs. Reptilen have their own schools as children are more active at night although some do like playing in the day. In terms of friends, they often stick with their own kind.

Reptilen have a smaller population than other Halfhuman species except for Asaves which is the smallest.

Sub-specie Lizlerrin are often shy and reserved (but there are exceptions, of course). They also have large families up to eight to ten children. Some well-known poets, writers, and painters are Lizlerrin.

Asaves legal c
Example of an Asaves.

Specie: Asaves

Characteristics: Human parts and bird parts.

Asaves are the only specie of Halfhumans that don’t have sub-specie names (except for Rauvuren). Mainly because there is no way to distinguish what anthro-animal they descended from.

Asaves do not typically have wings. Even if they do, it is just excessive plumage on the outer side of their human arms and they cannot fly.

Not all Asaves will look like the picture. Some may have a beak in place of their nose and mouth. All Asaves have bird-like tails.

Asaves have the smallest population in all Halfhumans. Rumor has been going around that they may soon become extinct. This is because the bird parts genes are the weakest against Human genes.

Another problem with Asaves is that they are quite solitary creatures, preferring to live away from civilization and having at most two children if two Asaves marry. Asaves who marry Humans may live among Humans. Some Asaves do not marry and many adults turn to crime due to the fact that they can be born with mental instabilities. This results in many Asaves criminals in the Fifth Ring.

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Q & A

Q: Do Halfhuman Species marry other Halfhuman Species?

A: Yes, but they can’t have children. If they do, the child will be born with a severe mental disability and have a short life span up to 10 years at most. One Halfhuman cannot survive with different animal parts.


Q: Is there discrimination among Halfhumans?

A: Not particularly. The only discrimination will be against Sorcerers. Kraitai who choose not to be Sorcerers may believe their Sorcerer counterparts are a disgrace to their species.


Q: Besides the sub-species listed here, are there others?

A: No. Either they have become extinct or their anthro-animal versions did not exist.


Q: Do you mean to say that their anthropomorphic versions do not exist anymore either? 

A: All anthros have been integrated with the Human race. Kathula are the only anthros left because they have been isolated from the rest of the world for decades. Because of this, Kathula have gone from being a specie of anthro to a race.

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