Note: I wrote this poem a few days ago and wanted to share it 🙂


He threw his conscience out the door.

“I don’t need you anymore.”

He drank raw eggs and packed on muscle,

until getting dressed became a hustle.


He joined a fraternity, dated a girl,

and worked in a gym, and bought her some pearls.

He took up judo, grew out his beard,

but his conscience came knocking, just as he feared.


So, he threw his conscience out the door.

“Don’t come back anymore.”

He married a girl and hoped to be a dad,

but something wasn’t working, and they were always mad.


They broke up and soon he went into depression,

but two years later, he finally made a confession.

Some were shocked, and some were mad,

that he almost felt she was doing something bad.


But she welcomed his conscience back in the door.

“I should’ve listened to you more.”

He had not been happy, not the least bit.

Afraid of social norms and his parents having a fit.


Some friends left, and some stayed behind.

Sadly, no parents’ love did she find.

But quickly she found those with similar pasts,

building friendships that, for years, will last.


Romance was slow and at times there was none.

It took many years until she found the one.

When he proposed, speechless, she smiled.

Today, together, they have adopted a child.


copyrighted 2018 The Tiger Writer

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