At the end of June or July

The wind teases the curtains open

and slipping between fingers is a memory

of spring and all the things you used to see

like the cherry blossoms and bare trees.

Your long summer days will come by

at the end of June or July.

Crickets dance with scurrying ants

and lizards slip by like ninjas seeking treasure.

You find joy in the songs of frogs

knowing their chorus signals summer.

Birds call in desperate singsong for a significant other.

Crows have been around all year

but still you find them searching the skies

for new places to build nests

and hide shiny things they’ve stolen.

Clouds drifts slow or fast

depending on the wind’s finesse in dance.

You watch white or gray fluffs churn like buttermilk

or molten caramel when the sunlight hits them so.

Orange or golden light smears across the white clouds

as if they are blank canvases which Mother Nature readily uses

for her ancient artistic endeavors.

Crescent glows in sparkling nights

show vast swaths of stars blue or white,

the make your eyes wonder how far you can see.

Yesterday slips passed into a memory.

Soon the cool nights will be replaced with suffocating heat

where spring is lost and summer meets


waiting for the coolness to caress your cheeks again

and for rain to turn to snow and back to rain in April or May.

And so, now, in a dream you want to stay,

among the cool days of late winter and spring.

You want to forever feel the just-right days

of comforting soft breezes that caress your cheeks,

and whisper secrets of life and nature into your ears.

And so, now at night when the breeze teases the curtains

as you snuggle deep inside warm, fluffy blankets,

you will hear the soft murmur

of spring and all the things you used to see

like cherry blossoms and bare trees.

You relish in the peace before

long summer days come by

at the end of June or July.

Author: Enna L. Foxwood. All rights reserved.

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