Human Skin Tones of Elgana

Humans occupied Elgana hundreds of years ago, so there’s been considerable amount of time for skin tones to evolve in ways they didn’t on Earth.

At the time of occupation, Humans were the outliers. The World of Elgana was filled with non-Humans. No one had skin like Humans did. Humans were the weird ones. Didn’t matter white or black or brown or what. Having skin and not scales or fur was weird.

Today, Humans are typically darker and lighter skin tones can have a bad reputation sometimes.

Majority of Humans are Darker Now

The majority of Humans who live in the First Ring under the hot desert sun, have developed darker complexions from tanned to black. After occupation, but before the creation of the domed cities, Humans spent a lot of time outside. They built stone structures reminiscent of Athens, Greece or Rome, Italy back in the days BC on Earth.

Today, there are still many Humans living outside in ancient city ruins or as nomad groups traveling the desert. Below are some examples of what Humans can look like. There’s also a large population of redheads for some reason.

Pictures created with Artbreeder

Where are the White Humans?

They’re there. Not as the majority, but there.

Hiding Under Roofs in Advanced Cities

In advanced cities of the First Ring, there are many Humans who have lighter skin because they aren’t out and about in the sun all the time. Buildings are often connected with walkways so Humans rarely have to walk from one building to the next outside. Roofs, oh yes, Humans love roofs.

Drug Addictions Can Make Them

Sometimes, Humans who get up to no good and drink and drug themselves will look white, so there’s this understanding that pale skin is bad. Humans might actively try to stay darker. That doesn’t mean pale-skinned Humans are treated poorly.

Born from Pale Sorcerers as a Recessive Gene

White humans can come from Sorcerers, too. There’s a sticky relationship that Humans have with Sorcerers as Humans can be born from Sorcerers (you can find out more if you scroll back up to the Power section above). Humans born from Sorcerers will be adopted into a Human family. They aren’t heavily discriminated against, but they do stand out among Humans because they have lighter skin which, of course, can darken over time.

Human type Sorcerers tend to have paler skin no matter who they are born to. Scientists are still trying to figure out why having magick makes Humans have whiter skin. A Sorcerer born from dark-skinned Humans can have pale skin. Could it be the recessive gene?

Anyway, Humans tend to hate Sorcerers and the dislike is mutual giving the idea that anything pale is Sorcerer-related as well.


pale skin doesn’t have a good reputation, typically. Pale skin Humans are seen as pompous high-achievers who don’t know what sunlight is and love roofs, unhealthy scums who succumbed to addiction, and narcissists born from narcissists.

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