Magick Health

What is magick health?

Magick health is the health of your magick 😛

Well, basically, if a Sorcerer goes a long time without using any kind of magick, the magick can weaken. Even if the Sorcerer might be of a high rank, he won’t be able to do complex spells like he used to.

Maintaining magick health

To keep up magick health and ensure the magick does not weaken, Sorcerers need to use magick daily. They do this by practicing magick within the household. It’s not just to be convenient although it can become convenient. The High Collection’s Sorcerer police faction (which governs the Sorcerer’s Ring) promotes this practice to Sorcerer citizens.

Sorcerers daily use of magick does not strain their magick energy. It’s usually simple, everyday tasks like locking doors, locking grigs (they’re like electric scooters), locking drawers to keep private things, drying hair after a shower, turning on the lights, etc. Just normal everyday things which Sorcerers need to do anyway. Even just this little bit helps maintain magick health.

Regaining magick health

If a Sorcerer, for whatever reason, had not been using magick for many months, finds himself with low magick health (or stiff magick), he can regain it by beginning to do easy magick. Apprentice level magick like floating upwards, locking things, or using some elemental magick will help their magick to, in a sense, soften up.

If the Sorcerer had strong magick before, little by little, he will be able to do it again. Magick health, in this way, can be regained although it can take some time for some high-ranked Sorcerers for gain back all of their magick health. While regaining magick health, yes, Sorcerers will be vulnerable to any threats as low magick health also means any inflicted wounds would take longer to heal.

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