Effects of Political Corruption in the Six Rings

How Political Corruption Came About

So, how did this political corruption come about? At what point in Elgana’s history is this?

After the Edgling’s attack on the Third Ring, Kathula nearly go extinct. Then, the world of Elgana suffered from political corruption. It must be noted that the massacre didn’t cause political corruption. There were already some underlying tensions going on between races and within the same race. The Edglings’ attack and breech of peace just fueled that, sparking the animosity to rise to the surface.

The top ruling body is the High Collection (HC) which is supposed to consist of one representative from each of the five existing races, Human, Halfhuman, Sorcerer, Kathula, and Edgling, along with each of their second-in-command, police force, and secretaries. But because Kathula were being isolated and controlled by Edglings, and Edglings continuously disrupted the peace within HC, both races do not have a representative for at least a hundred years or so.

So, during those years, HC is made up of only three races: Human, Halfhuman, and Sorcerer. After Edglings breech the peace by killing nearly all Kathula during the massacre of the Third Ring, the political imbalance within HC begins to show. Not only that, but many citizens decide that if Edglings can try to change the way the world is ruled, so can they. Citizens end up going against each other within the same race, or different races with the same ideas begin to gather. Social media plays a big role here, especially among Humans and Halfhumans.

Sorcerers don’t really dab into Human technology because, well, if you got magick, what else do you need? 😛

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About the High Collection

While you can read about HC in the article listed above, here’s a brief explanation.

The High Collection is like a democracy and each race’s citizens get to vote for who they want to represent their race. It is also like an empire as each race’s representative will get a chance to act as the leader of the High Collection and make the final decisions about things.

HC rules all six Rings. It is the only official political group in the entire world. And, you might be able to guess, it needs extremely high cooperation willingness to make it work. Each race’s representatives are decided extremely carefully because the entire world is at stake here.

So, if the entire world is at stake, what happened to the three other races during this tumultuous time?

Effects on the Other Races

Many citizens realized that they could make their own political ideas known if they wanted to. They might gather in interracial spaces like big cities where portal stations allow frequent comings and goings of citizens. They might have peaceful and non-peaceful protests depending on how heated they are and how corrupt the police force is. Politically fueled citizens can attack government buildings to let their word be heard.

Humans and Halfhumans

The first to voice their frustrations were the Humans. They have a long history of always trying to take over more of the world, but other races wouldn’t let them.

Halfhumans also have a long history of clashing with Humans. Humans and anthropomorphic animal natives made Halfhumans, so some Halfhumans have mixed feelings about their history. They were essentially created out of slavery, but today, Halfhumans have their own cultures and societies which are extremely diverse and rich. Do they thank the Humans’ ancestors for creating their Halfhuman ancestors, or do they hate on Humans because Halfhuman’s ancestors were also the anthros that the Humans enslaved?

While some Halfhumans might be angry, there are still those that aren’t anymore because, well, after how many generations do you say enough is enough? Sometimes, it’s just enough. No need to be angry anymore. There are Humans that can’t believe Halfhumans exist (“Abomination!” they say) despite their ancestors created Halfhumans. But there  are Humans that think, well, after how many generations do you say enough is enough? No hate, only love.

You can start singing “Imagine” by John Lennon here, although Elgana’s Humans don’t know about this song. They were born on Elgana and don’t know much about Earth except what history books and Back-Home-to-Earth travelers have to say about it.


Sorcerers go two ways. Mild interest, and zero interest. Mildly interested Sorcerers might be seen at a political gathering or two, but they aren’t there for support, rather, amusement.

You see, Sorcerers think highly of themselves and they see themselves as the superior race. They think the other races will kill each other off without Sorcerers having to do anything. Sorcerers also have very little tensions going on within because of their philosophy called aesthetic ethics. Weirdly enough, Sorcerers are the most peaceful race, though aesthetic ethics might not make it seem that way to other races.

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Lots of Ideas!

With all these ideas, you might wonder if there are political groups. Well, yes, there are. Especially, during this tumultuous time, the political divide starts to affect many citizens to get into groups with similar minded citizens.

Let’s take a look at the three main political groups during this time of trouble. There are others, but I don’t want to overwhelm you.

Political Groups During Turmoil

The tides are turning…

Irises: Some Humans want a Monarchy of Humans. Centuries ago when they first arrived, Humans actually tried to rule the Rings for a while. So, why not bring that back? These Humans use the color purple and the lavender scent as their symbols and call themselves the Irises. Lavender just happens to be the favorite scent of the lead Human.

The Anthro Era Movement: Halfhumans who see Kathula as “the great ones”. They believe in the Halfhumans ruling of the world. They call themselves the Anthro Era Movement (AEM) and use the color white as their symbol. It symbolizes purity.

Citizens of the United Rings (the CURE): Some Humans, Halfhumans, and Sorcerers (believe it or not), think it’s time to integrate and blur the lines between races. No more fighting for power. Let’s all be friends 🙂 They call themselves the Citizens for the United Rings and use the color blue as their symbol. Blue is considered a color of healing.

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