How Sorcerers Think

Sorcerers think quite highly of themselves.

Inspiration from Pinterest for a pretentious Sorcerer.

They are quite sophisticated, yet have strong beliefs that can clash with other races and even among themselves.

Yet, they also have aesthetic ethics based on their own set of philosophies. Sometimes they call it “aesthetics philosophy” or “aesthetics” but all these concepts point to the same definition.

Aesthetic ethics

(I’m sorry to those who have a lisp! :0 I don’t even have a lisp and it’s a mouthful.)

I’m going to cite Wikipedia because they give such a good, simple definition:

Aesthetic Ethics is: “the idea that human conduct and behaviour ought to be governed by that which is beautiful and attractive” (Wiki: Aesthetics – Aesthetic ethics)

So, basically, Sorcerers love things that are beautiful and attractive. BUT, that doesn’t mean they are against evil conducts.

Even if they were to torture a prisoner, they will do it in a way aligned with their aesthetic ethics, that is, beautifully. If you saw a show (they often have shows where they torture prisoners) you might forget for a moment how awful it is because they would make it look beautiful, elegant, and sophisticated.

Although, keep in mind that not all Sorcerers will closely follow the aesthetic ethics YET a vast majority do so.

Other Aspects of Life Reflecting Aesthetic Ethics

Non-Magical Races

While they shun non-magical races, they do understand the value of other races and can live with them peacefully. Some even choose to live with non-magical races.

Yet, the Fourth Ring is inaccessible to non-magical races without invitation by a high-ranked Sorcerer which must be proved on paper in most cases.


Inspirational pic found on Pinterest.

Sorcerers have a slightly different idea of what is evil based on their aesthetic ethics. If the said evil is performed beautifully or with acceptable reasons, they may see it as okay or good.

If the reason for the murder follows aesthetic ethics, Sorcerers will not condemn the murderer.

If the murder does not follow aesthetic ethics, Sorcerers will aggressively oppose of such practices.

There is a very, very fine line between what is okay and what is not. Murdering someone out of greed or jealousy is considered non-aesthetic ethics. Murdering someone because the person “seemed too powerful for their own good” is considered aesthetic ethics.

In the end, if you are smart enough, you could just rephrase your wording and get away with murder.

However, Sorcerers cannot stand lying about their reasons for murder BECAUSE they follow aesthetic ethics so closely. They know, deep inside, their killing someone did not follow aesthetic ethics. So, they will be truthful.

HOWEVER, because they follow aesthetic ethics so closely, they WILL NOT murder someone without good reasons that follow aesthetic ethics. So, basically, you need not worry about Sorcerers murdering each other for no reason. Because of this, Sorcerer society has a very, very low murder rate. The lowest in all the world.

Being “The Best”

Sorcerers have ranks and they can rise in their ranks or be the best within certain ranks.

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However, being “the best” means “the best Sorcerer within aesthetic ethics”. As long as they do it beautifully, they can be aggressive in competition. Sorcerers are highly competitive amongst themselves to always be the best of their kind.

It’s kind of ironic I suppose that no Sorcerer has ever been identified as “the best” Sorcerer even after they have reached the highest rank (called Arch pronounced “ark”).

Being a Sorcerer is kind of like being the devil in the midst of beauty pageants all the time.

More inspirational pics for pretentious Sorcerers can be found here. It’s important to remember that Sorcerers aren’t all Human. Certain Halfhumans can be Sorcerers as well.

Child Punishment Parties???

Sorcerers are a race. They think quite highly of themselves.
Inspiration for Sorcerer mom from Pinterest.

Punishments to children older than seven are held off until the child must receive ten punishments for ten different things they did wrong.

Don’t fret, a seven-year-old Sorcerer child is already fourteen in normal years but their magic makes them age slower. Still, a seven-year-old Sorcerer can still act like a normal seven-year-old in terms of how they think.

Anyway, parents in the same neighborhood will then get together and have a “child punishment party”. I will not go into the details apart from that there are crying children but no, this isn’t some sick torture session. Remember, aesthetic ethics. Also, these parties are not a joke. Sorcerers are dead serious about this. Also, it’s not some sick sadist party either.

The child then after growing up recalls these punishment parties fondly because of aesthetic ethics. Beautiful bad things are not bad because they are beautiful.

Are there “good” Sorcerers?

Good, in our definition of “good”.

Yes, there are “good” Sorcerers. Just like there’s the Good Witch and Evil Witch in the Wizard of Oz, there are Sorcerers who practice their aesthetic ethics without hurting anyone.

Mind you, Sorcerers who do “hurt” others, do not see that as “hurting”.

Anyway, the “good” Sorcerers are, however, rather few in number and sometimes seen as having lost a little of their sanity, a.k.a their marbles, mostly because a majority of the “good” Sorcerers are extremely elderly.

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