Oz & Wonderland

NOTE: This poem is Non-YC which means, not for young children

Turmoil, turmoil, within the heart

My mind says no, my heart says yes

Sleepless nights follow restless days

The train of emotions runs off broken tracks

Derailing from the “me”, the “myself”, my mind


Tornado, tornado, rips my heart apart

Mind in Oz, lost in make-believe

Tales of fake-real emotions hint at love’s lies

Fly beasts, fly! Capture the innocent soul!

Take her away to make-believe, then force her back into reality


Tumble, tumble, falling into maddening love

Tearing out my hair, screaming in agony, blood-shot eyes

Your world tempts me with sweet “Drink Me”s and “Eat Me”s

They bring me into your life where I have no control

Nothing makes sense, the teacup always full

Smiles with hidden emotions whisper, “We are mad.”


Torn, torn, between the mind and heart

One is sane, the other is insanely in love

Which road to life? Which road to death?

I cry alone at the cross-roads, “I just want to go home.”

My heart says no, my mind loses in battle

Forever caught in make-believe, forever feasting on your poison

Forever deprived of reality, and never realizing the death of “me”




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