The Truth About Sorcerer Magick

Sorcerers in the World of Elgana are not the typical Sorcerer that you might be imagining. You can probably guess that a non-typical Sorcerer would probably have non-typical magick.

That’s right, they do. Here are some things about Sorcerer magick that you might like to know 🙂

Magick is Colorless

If a Sorcerer’s magick has color, they are using Aesthetic Effects Magick which is magick that is only used to be aesthetically pleasing. This is not physically draining so it can be used together with any kind of magick.

Aesthetic Effects Magick is often:

  • puffs of single-colored smoke or multi-colored smoke with white sparkles
  • puffs of single-colored sparkles or multi-colored sparkles
  • making incantation words or runic symbols visible as they are spoken
  • making a spotlight on yourself to draw attention
  • making something look a different color using colored light (making skin look purple for example)

and any of these combinations. Sorcerers like beautiful things and they liked to perform their magick, wowing or intimidating others. Most Sorcerers use some degree of Aesthetic Effects Magick.

Complex Magick is Rarely Used

Sorcerers may try to create some complex spells or potions. They may also attempt to replicate spells or potions created in the past, but in day-to-day life, such complex spells or potions are not needed.

Complex magick is also physically draining. No one wants to spend all their energy on something that might last a day or two at most when they could be doing something else…like making a living and going to work.

Sorcerers will only perform complex spells in official and unofficial competitions.

Potions are Rarely Used

Sorcerers do have many, many, thousands of books on potions. However, Sorcerers actually rarely use potions. Unlike the Kathula race who have to use potions to make magick happen, Sorcerers can do without, no problem.

Even back in the day when Sorcerers started to emerge in the world, they were not using potion magick. They were using magick without potions.

In fact,

magick without potions was the first type of magick practiced among Sorcerers. Potions just gave young Sorcerers opportunity to experiment and learn. It also gave old Sorcerers something to devote the rest of their lives to try to contribute to Sorcerer society. And it also gave Sorcerers to compete to get their names in important potion books. Sorcerers love competitions.

Daily Use of Magick is Low

Typically, an average adult Sorcerer will use lock magick (locking doors, vehicles, diaries, etc.), floating themselves or objects (not a very physically draining magick so they use it casually), and warming or cooling the house for an hour (temperature adjusting doesn’t last very long, but long enough until the appliances start working). That’s it.

A Disappointment?

Have Sorcerers disappointed you? Not at all magical as you thought they were? In the end, Sorcerers are just another race living in this world. They aren’t that special or magical. They even do their own laundry and change their babies’ diapers.

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