Teleportation Magick has Limits

Teleportation magick is a common type of Sorcerer magick, however, not extremely convenient to use even if you can get from Point A to Point B fast. It’s not like Star Trek’s and not like wizards in Harry Potter.

What is teleporting like?

Basically, teleporting is like someone taking your body, magically breaking your body down, and throwing you like a ball of magick to the next location. You’re magically hurling yourself through things. The body during teleportation is like energy. In slow motion, however, you will see the Sorcerer in whatever position he started out in, passing through objects without changing his pose. If he is standing with his arms up, he will be standing with his arms up the entire teleportation process. 

Teleportation distances

Distances or destinations a Sorcerer can travel all depends on the rank of the Sorcerer, their magick experience, and their stamina.

Higher-ranked Sorcerers: The higher the rank, the longer the distance they can travel. Can teleport to places they have been before a.k.a by memory.

Lower-ranked Sorcerers: Can only teleport to the destination which they can clearly see (with just their eyes and without using a telescope or something) from where they are standing, so often only short distances. They also can’t teleport too many times in a row even if they wanted to go further after teleporting once. I’ll get more into that next.

Limited times for teleportation

To explain a bit about magick here, magick is an energy with limits. You can only do so much “big” magick in a row until you tire and can’t do it well. Teleportation magick is considered “big” magick in that it requires a lot of magick energy.

Hurling yourself across distances is extremely draining.

If you try to do it more than what your energy can take, you risk smashing into things. Trees are tame, but buildings will hurt. Sorcerers aren’t so stupid that they would exhaust themselves and then use teleportation through a city.

Running out of energy

What if you run out of magick energy, but still need to teleport?

If a Sorcerer runs out of magick energy, he will feel tired as if he had been running a lot. He would want to just sit down and rest, maybe even sleep for a bit. Depending on the rank of the Sorcerer, the amount of time it takes to recover will be difference because of the difference in experience. Apprentice rank Sorcerers will take longer to recover than Professor rank Sorcerers.

Depending on the remaining distance you need to cover, the amount of magick energy you will need will change and it’ll also be different depending on the level of experience and magick strength. You gotta have a lot of stamina if you are going really long distances.

Moving around

Can a Sorcerer move during teleportation?

Yes, a Sorcerer can move during a teleportation, but since the teleportation will be extremely fast, he might want to move in a way to accommodate to his destination, if needed. If he has his arms up and risks getting them smashed by a pole over his head at his destination, he might want to lower them.

Teleportation in space?

The World of Elgana is a made of six torus worlds one inside the other with space between each Ring. Magick does work in space, somewhat. If you are, for some reason, hovering in space and teleport to somewhere in a Ring, it will be fine. But if you are somewhere in a Ring and try to teleport to space, your magick will cut off before you reach space and you’d be in the sky doing a free-fall.

In other words, it’s possible. But also not recommended.


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