Maybe you’re sharing your life too much?

I like to keep my private life separated from my life on social media. Even here. I mean, I talk about some stuff but you don’t know details like how much sugar I put in my coffee each day (it’s about half a spoon…sometimes I cheat).

aromatherapy aromatic caffeine close up
A picture of coffee that isn’t mine but I want it.   Photo by Brigitte Tohm on

But there are people who share more than enough of their private lives to other people.

YouTubers often make house-tour videos either just for the heck of it, because subscribers have been asking for it, or if they’ve moved to a new place and they told their subscribers about the move.

A lot of them also make vids with their parents in them, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, and any close family member you can think of. If they are about to get married, they make a video of that. If they get divorced, well now they need to let their subscribers know about that. If they go through a mental breakdown and can’t make videos, well heck people need to know (DUH!)

And there’s vlogging.

Blogging in video form…oh I don’t have to explain what it is! (I just did).

Vlogging really changes you, I think. You need to have a one-to-one with your camera every day or every other day. And it can’t be “Well, I’m just gonna lounge in bed all day…whatcha guys up to?” No, it has to be interesting because

obviously YouTubers always have super interesting and engaging lives every single day!

Sounds stressful to me. I mean, you’re sharing yourself to other people all the time! You have to plan a video, plan the content, all the time. You have to think about what you’re gonna share today, every day and make sure it’s interesting! Especially if you decide to do a daily vlog.

all the time!

In truth, we are all human beans.

beans food healthy
Human beans. Our natural form.  Photo by Snapwire on

Human beans don’t do interesting things every day. Some days we do lounge in bed and stare at the patterns on our ceilings. Some days we just wanna log out from everything and go to a coffee shop and stare into space. Some days we wanna spend with our significant other without a camera. Some mornings we want to wake up and be selfish and not have to think about our subscribers and being interesting.

Some days, we just wanna NOT.

And that should be okay, right?


Some times I feel like YouTubers are too pressured to share their private lives (and/or make it interesting). But you really don’t have to and I think you shouldn’t do it too much even if you want to. Because then people will want to know more and more and it will never end.

Human beans are curious beans. This is both good and bad.

So, don’t promise your subscribers a daily vlog unless you think you can deal with showing an “interesting life” every day. You will regret it down the line because, let’s face it, your lives aren’t gonna be interesting all the time.

And that’s okay.


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