This sucks.

Trying to get motivated sucks.

It’s a cold cloudy day and you just wanna watch YouTube and drink coffee.

It’s a new thing. Not Netflix and Chill. This is YouTube and Caffeinate…Google is telling me Caffeinate cannot be a word. I say it is. It will be a word just for this article.

Speaking of article, this is my 99th Dalmatian puppy article.

「101 dalmatians lucky」の画像検索結果
How Lucky.

99 articles later and here we are, zero motivation, a stop at Procrastination Station, and an empty stomach-ation. I failed at rhyming everything.

Why don’t I make a list of goals? That should motivate me!

1… no, wait, if I make goals, I would feel even more sluggish about it because now I have a list, engraved in stone, so it’s totally fine to take a day off today.

Nope, that won’t be good. Besides, don’t you often forget to even look at your list? I make a list and then I need to make another list to remind myself to look at the first list. But I have to make a list for that list and then it’s a loop of lists and nothing gets done.

Speaking of done, why don’t I tell you how much I got done up until this week? At least I can feel accomplished and wallow in procrastination misery later.

The Scepter of Tamido now has 17 chapters in Part 1: D I S T R U S T and 2 chapters in Part 2: H E A R T. I’m working on Chapter 3 of Part 2.

Red, White, or In Between now has 17 chapters. I’m working on Chapter 18.

The Puppeteer Series now has 23 Stuffs. I’m saying Stuffs because a majority of them are stand-alones and only a few have actual parts like part 1 and part 2. I’m working on…I think it might be 30 or something and a cover for Stuff 24.

Not all chapters for the first two are published but the books are updated almost weekly. It seems to work for me to update weekly. Thank goodness.

Okay…do I feel motivated? No. So, thank you to me for making myself feel accomplished and at the same time more miserable in motivation.

Darn it.

Back to the drawing board.



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