Kathula – About Potions

witchworking-900x640Kathula are similar to kitchen witches. These are the witches that use everyday items and work in the kitchen concocting medicines to cure wounds or preparing specials teas with some magical healing or relaxing element in them.

Kathula use herbs, flowers, and other natural ingredients that can be found in a forest or garden to make different potions.

But these potions are not for harm. They are to help others, to relax from stress, and to heal wounds and sicknesses.

Important Thing About Potions

While making potions, Kathula are unconsciously putting their magical powers into the potions. This gives the potions magical properties and then these potions can be used for actually healing or actually relaxing etc. Kathula do not use spells to activate the potions much unlike Sorcerers. And unlike Sorcerers, Kathula can only use magic through potions. There is no other way for them to use magic or project it outside their bodies.

Also, unlike Sorcerers, Kathula do not have many written or oral spells as they rely on the potions made magical through it’s creation.

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the potions are stronger if the Kathula is a Shaman (male) or Shamala (female) because they have a more direct access to their powers.

Shaman is the male leader of a clan and a Shamala is what they call their female counterparts.

Just a quick note – “Shaman” isn’t used with the same meaning as what you might be familiar with. So, here’s our definition and the Kathula definition.

SHAMAN (In our world): “A person regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of good and evil spirits. Typically such people enter a trance state during a ritual, and practise divination and healing.” (Oxford Dictionaries)

SHAMAN/SHAMALA (Kathula): A Kathula regarded through ancestry as a leader of their respective clan. Using natural ingredients, they will make potions to heal or relax. They will bear the marking of a Shaman/Shamala on their forehead which is where all magical power is stored. (The Tiger Writer Dictionaries)



Tea is a potion? For Kathula, yes.

It’s made with herbs and boiled water; two of the most basic ingredients for a simple potion.

Chamomile is said to be good for lowering anxiety. You might be skeptical of this in our world as we know it, but if a Kathula made chamomile tea for you, it will work 100%.

If you want to know what Kathula are or more about their culture, check out the Wiki!

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