It’s a Giraffe’s Bones

When you know something really, really well, you tend to be able to talk about it A LOT.

Mostly because you’re familiar with it.


I bet experts on giraffes can go on for ages about giraffes.

The only thing I know about them is that they have 7 bones for their necks just like us humans. It’s 7 BIG bones.

That basically makes us giraffes.

And I know this because I used to watch Zaboomafoo on PBS Kids.


Ah, that was such a great show… *reminiscing the good ol’ times*

As for behind the scenes topics, it seems easiest for me to come up with ones for Liaffon – East Seekers. I think I have about 7 bones?

I mean, 7 article topics with a few waiting in the wings.

It’s not because I like Liaffon better than my other stories. It’s because Liaffon is my only finished project. Everything is set. Plus, when I was editing, I can’t even count how many times I read the story through. I basically have the sequence memorized.

I wrote about 90% of the article on cultures, without referring to my notes at all!

That shows ya how much of an expert I am on my own, uh, story…I guess I’m supposed to be an expert on my own story, huh? 😛

The font is green because green is good for you, experts say.

Experts from the American Psychological Association say “Green is good for you.”

And so, with Behind the Scenes of other stories being a bit difficult for me (especially with Red, White, or In Between and The Puppeteer Series), I might start, and I already have started, writing real-world fun historical facts related to things in the stories.

Like, I have these fictional Gypsies in The Puppeteer Series and recently I made an article about their real-world twin, the Romani people and where they are from.

I did have this tagged as “Behind the Scenes” but it’s got nothing to do with the story itself. It’s not one of the bones.

Daaaance fever! Bonezy got daaaance fever!

These bones, these bones, these dry bones. Now hear the bones of the world!

When I was younger I had long thought the lyrics were “Now hear the bones of the lord!” Maybe because I was brought up Catholic Christian. Idk.

When you think about it, the bones in your body are touching your flesh. Wouldn’t they be wet? It should be “These bones, these bones, these wet bones” for accuracy.

Sorry, I went off to Tangentvill. I’ll come back. I’ll stop dawdling.

Okie-dokie, I’m back 😛 (…And so, it was a long journey through unknown land. But I have returned with the hidden treasure. Newspapers have dubbed me, the Great Tangent Traveler. I am humbled. I do not deserve such a grand title.)


Seriously, now.

Some of you (who have been keeping on eye on me, I know it so don’t hide it), might have noticed I moved it from “Behind the Scenes” to “Little Articles” and created a new “Little Articles” category called, “Fun Historical Facts”.

I’m coming up with a new one for The Puppeteer Series which is why I thought I would need a new category because I feel like this is gonna happen more and more.

(The above sentence felt so important I made the words big.)

(The above sentence felt so unimportant I made the words small.)

And this is because the stories are not finished and I have very little fictional facts to tell you guys without spoiling the story to death. If I give it too much candy, it’ll gain weight, see?

Don’t give too much candy to your story! Don’t spoil it too much!


I do like going on an information journey with Wikipedia and other sites.

Things can get mighty interesting and you find out things you never knew and would not have had the opportunity to learn otherwise.

I know a cool thing about puppets now and I can’t wait to tell you guys! 😀

Let me rephrase that;

I know a cool thing about puppets now and you can’t wait for me to tell you but I can wait for me to tell you! 😀


just chill.

It’ll be up eventually 😛

As for Jewl, I am in the middle of world-building/writing so there’s a possibility I can come up with s’more Behind the Scenes bones (article topics) for it. I do have one coming but it’ll probably be a Little Articles: Fun Historical Facts. I promise to post more on gems, though.

Did someone say smores?


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