The Gypsies are not from Egypt

In The Puppeteer Series I have Gypsies. But these Gypsies are only loosely based on the real world ones. I wanna jump off of that and talk about real world Gypsies. Gypsies are cool. They are also called the Romani people. The Romani language is also cool.

But I wanna know, where did they come from?

So, let me take you on an information journey. First, the Romani language is cool.

Because it’s the language of cool Gypsies, duh.


Where on Earth (or Mars) is this language from?

If we can find that out, we can discover where the Romani people originated from. Well, we all know language evolves, right?

We used to say, “That’s funny!”

Now we say, “el oh el!”

LOL: laugh(ing) out loud

(Everyone knows what it means Dictionaries)

And did you know LOL has it’s own Wikipedia page??? I say, that is just absolutely crazy.

We used to say, “She said, ‘I don’t like dogs.’ That’s funny!”

Now we say, “She was like, I don’t like dogs. LOL!” *flips hair*

But we can’t just go blindly looking through the Romani language. Basically because there’s so many variations of it we’d get headaches trying to figure it all out.

This is where genetics comes to the rescue.

Genetics shows us that these people are originally from India. Mystery solved thanks to science.

India kind of looks like a fox, doesn’t it? Of course it does!

Yep, India. The wonderful place of exotic dances, curry, Bollywood, spices, naan, poverty, and religion.

Don’t get me wrong, my Indian audience. I think India is cool 🙂

Cool India. The Tajmahal from

So, let’s bring out the proof that the Romani are originally from India.

It is suggested that the Romani language and Hindustani language have some similarities.

“One” in Hindi is “ek”. In Romani it’s “ekh” or “jekh”. Sounds pretty similar *clears throat* SUPER similar.

The only reason these languages can be similar is if they used to be one language in the past. Through migration and other reasons (such as war or just natural disasters), people split up. Some stay in the original land while others travel and travel and spread throughout the continent.

When this happens, it’s inevitable that you will get different languages.

Constantine IX Monomachos By User:Deuterium 1 –, Public Domain, Link

Later, these people came to be known as Atsingani or Athinganoi meaning “the untouchables” in Ancient Greek.

They are recorded as being ventriloquists, magicians, and wizards who helped Emperor Constantine IX in getting rid of wild animals that were killing his livestock (thanks Wikipedia for this slightly useless interesting information.)

Tidbit: Monomachos is his Latin name meaning “one who fights alone”.

Anyway, some Romani people may have met the Emperor of the Byzantine Empire.




So, here’s where the Romanis went next.

13th century


14th century

Balkans, Bohemia

15th century

Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal as well as North Africa and possibly even the US

It was around this time that people thought the Romani where Egyptians who had escaped Egypt and so, “Gypsies”.

16th century

Russia, Denmark, Scotland, Sweden


Where are the Romani people originally from?

India. The Romanis have India in the core of their hearts.

Bhutanatha group of temples, India. By Gs9hereOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

If you wanna read about what happened to them after go ahead, be my guest.

Today, Romani people are happily recognized as Indian descendants.

P.S. Thanks Wikipedia for another Information Journey.

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