Hey, I lost my marbles

I need to *cough* apologize to my Irish and Scottish audience.

I had not looked up “Cairngorm” on Wikipedia when I posted that article. I said it wasn’t a place.

Oh heck no it isn’t,

but it sure is the name of a mountain!


I must say I underestimated the Cairgorms and Cairn Gorm mountain. I thought Cairngorm was just going to be someone’s name from Ireland but it was a mountain range from Scotland.

Why did I not look that up? Why didn’t looking up Cairngorm prior to the article NOT cross my mind?

But can I say I was close thinking it was Irish or would the Irish and Scottish bat me on the head telling me not to be so silly and get my facts straight?

Me: What if they find out? They would bat me on the head!

Other Me: You mean, IF they find out.


I do this sometimes. Saying one thing is so when it actually isn’t. I later discover my mistake and have to *cough* admit I was wrong while strongly wishing my fairy godmother would come and make me right.

But of course she doesn’t.

What is this article even? Suddenly the font is centered.


Plus, how can I forget how to cat if I wasn’t a cat in the first place?


looks like I’ve lost my marbles.

Darn it. And now the font is centered in the orange. I hope it’s a sweet orange.

Think of this article as me being in the dumbs…but using it to my advantage. Randomness is my middle name, after all.

Now you know a secret about me. Or, do you? 😛

P. S.

If you’ve been reading other articles on The Tiger Writer, let me tell ya, I’m not all serious all the time. Most of my blogger blog posts are like this one.

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