Next Stop, Procrastination Station

Content, content, content.

The most important ingredient for a blog.

I mean, let’s face it, no content, no blog. That’s the harsh reality, peeps.


“B-but,” said Piglet. “What if you have writersblockitis?”

WRITERSBLOCKITIS: A disease that writers get that prevents them from feeling creative and getting work done. Can be contagious. No scientist has found a cure yet.(The Tiger Writer Dictionaries)

Well, then you write about things you know best. Like…


school life

top five or ten favorite whatevers

what you’re passionate about

OR you can ask yourself silly questions like:

What if…”this common pet” disappeared from the face of the Earth?

What if…humans moved to Mars/the Moon/Saturn…etc.?

What if I had a thousand “whatever currency insert here”?


What would happen if cats began to talk?

If you’re rebellious, you can do an opinion on politics, religion, sexuality, and anything else others might find offensive if they heard your opinions.

In the end, you get to decide if you wanna go ahead and publish the article. No one is saying you have to publish everything you write right away or ever.

Heck, I have some drafts on Blogger from two years ago! Yeah! 😀


Of course I know it’s nothing to celebrate about.

But I would like to say somehow I managed to keep up my blogging. If someone like me who is often stopping at Procrastination Station can keep it up, you can, too.

You just gotta…yeah, you just gotta. Also, it does help to write a little everyday whether you post it that day or not.

At least you’re writing.


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