Cairngorm is not a place

You know, when you really, really get into world-building, you can get pretty darn detailed.

You can go absolutely crazy with it. 

And so in Jewl I have to want to make a dictionary of sorts for the different gems involved in the magic system.

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I scored the web for “types of gems list” and settled on a few that also gave the “meanings of gems and how to use them”. I consider all these meanings interesting but the “how to use them” just seems like a bunch of hocus-pocus to me.

I’m kind of a skeptical person.

Anyway, I learned some interesting backstory about the names of some of the gems. Definitely wikipedia-ed the heck out of everything, too.

  1. Brown gem, Smoky Quartz is also called Cairngorm. Which is definitely a more fantasy-ish name than plain ol’Smoky Quartz. It also sounds like Ireland. It could be vast fields of flowers and quaint little houses with families that are bakers.
  2. Axinite is a brown, reddish-brown gem. Nothing interesting about the name per say but it can be found in a place in Russia called er, uh, Dal-ne-gorsk. Dalnegorsk has a hill called Height 611 (or, formally known as Mount Izvestkovaya).
Is vest covered, ya? Sorry, couldn’t resist.

In 1986, there was a UFO crashing and wreck incident here.

“Supposedly,” said the Skeptic. “Can we trust Wikipedia that much?”

3. Amber in Latin is “electrum” which means something along the lines of “beaming sun”. It’s been used in jewelry for 13,000 years. It’s also not a stone. It’s tree resin. Like sap. Very hard sap.

Out of all the gems I’ve looked at, I think ametrine is the coolest followed closely by bloodstone.


Ametrine is a combination of amethyst (purple gem) and citrine (yellow to orange-gold gem) colors. More or less than half is purple and the other is yellow or orange-gold.

Someone didn’t say, “I ship Amethyst and Citrine!” and make a child of Amethyst and Citrine. This is natural.



Bloodstone is a green stone with red specks like blood. Definitely feel something sinister here.


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