“Beep beep!” *sticks out tongue*

This is the second post today??? What’s happening here? Is it the apocalypse?

Aaaanyway… yeah.

You know when the Road Runner sticks his little tongue out at the Coyote? And the Coyote never gets close enough to capture him?

“Beep beep! bbbbbb”

That’s what trying to get a manuscript approved by a literary agent feels like. I’m the Coyote and the lit agent is the Road Runner. Or rather, the opportunity is the Road Runner. So close yet not close enough.

I’ve sent out to 20 lit agents and so far 6 have come back unsuccessful.


I’m not saying this means the apocalypse has come and the world is ending. Just chill. I’m just saying that the longer I wait, the more I start to doubt Liaffon – East Seekers is actually ready.

But maybe this is just some kind of psychological thing that will pass.

I thought back at Liaffon today–what happens in all the chapters. I wondered if I’d cut directly to the journey of the East Seekers and get rid of all the other stuff.

But there are things that happen in the journey that deal with things that happened in the prior chapters. I can’t delete it. It would be such a boring old story then!

So, I brought back the confidence I have for my story. It’s been happening more frequently these days. Maybe it’s the weather. My Mom often says that her Mom often said that it’s probably the weather.

And then the clouds start to cry because we all blame the weather, and then everyone gets depressed, and then we all need to drink hot chocolate and watch cartoons on YouTube and procrastinate like there’s no tomorrow…

I wonder if the Coyote ever thinks, “What would happen if I just give up on catching that stupid bird? What if I just order food from Acme? Because we all know its faster than Amazon.  The moment you put the letter in the mail box, the truck arrives.

“But then what’s the point of the cartoon? I can’t do that. It would be such a boring old story then!”

And so, we are alike, Coyote and I.

Although, I would notice the cliff before I run off it.

In the end, I decided my story was ready and that any confidence-lowering attacks, I would ignore and just chill.

“Just chill, dude.”

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