How near-immortal Sorcerers die

Immortality or near-immortality can make characters sound quite invincible. If they heal fast or never get sick, how can anyone ever kill them? They sound much too powerful and you know what? I don't like invincible characters or beings that are all powerful and no one can EVER kill them off. That just sounds too convenient to have characters like that. It's like flawless characters. That's my personal opinion 😛 So what do I do? I come up with a way for Sorcerers to die.

After Peace: Law Enforcement of Elgana

During the events of "The Choice of Aurvandil", this law enforcement was a bit shaky. However, after peace was made the law enforcement in "The Gold of Charmteller" is pretty solid. Here is what it looks like.

Internal skirmish is dealt with by the law enforcement of that race. However, there are certain worldwide standards which each law enforcement faction must follow:

Two Types of Portals

There are two types of portals in Elgana; normal portals and rogue portals. Normal portals are often just referred to as "portals". But what are rogue portals? Here are some interesting facts about rogue portals through comparison with normal portals.

Normal portals are created with precision and care, considering the safety of those who pass through it. You will always end up in the location desired. Normal portals are found at Portal Stations and the only affect they have on the environment is that cities where there are portals can experience time differently. A day may not always be 24 hours.

How I created a fantasy species name

Since I had to change the name of a fantasy species to be more readable and meaningful, I thought I'd share this with you so you can see how I sometimes come up with a fantasy species name.

Sometimes I just sound out the name or look up a word in different languages (like Phoenicopteri was just Latin for flamingo), and sometimes I want the name to carry a certain meaning or two.

Depending on what I'm looking for, my method to creating a new name will change. I will only be talking about one instance and how I resolved it.