How to Write an Original Story

A lot of people struggle with being original. "It's been done before." "Some TV show did it before I could do anything with my story." "It's so cliche I hate my writing."

It's all been said. Nothing is unique, and you sound like a copycat. So how do you find originality? How do you find something that is so unique not even the billions of people around you have ever thought about? Sounds so daunting...

11 Remedies for Getting Back into Writing

After you've put yourself through hell and back to finish a story, how do you get back into your groove? You are exhausted and spent. You want to get on to another project, but bummer, you have nothing to work with. You try to write but "Oh! It's awful! It's horrible! I've lost my groove!"

Don't fret, here are some remedies that might help you or give you some idea on how to get back into writing.