Writing Fiction: How to Start a New Story

I've found writing advice on how to start a story to be very...general.

And, it's not because they are lazy or they just want to look legit. There is a very good reason they are being general (which not many of them actually address).

That is, there is no true method for you to write your story.

The only thing some experienced writer can do to give advice on how to start a new story is say how they start a new story.

I recently started a new story. So let me give me as an example on two ways you can start a new story.

Have you thought about this for your fantasy world?

World building is the base of your fantasy novel. Any amount of imagined something will need to be built to ensure your world will not topple down if someone blew on it. You need to make a steady world and world-building websites might not always give you all the resources you need. Sometimes you have to figure some stuff out yourself and if you haven't gotten there yet, don't worry, I have you covered.

Ultimate Species Wiki Template

This is the ultimate species wiki template that I have been using for my own species to better understand them and it also helps me in writing my story when I need more information. This is a template I created for my own writing, so it might not match your style, but I hope you can take something away from it and use it for your world building.

Write it as if you are explaining it to someone. That will help you organize your thoughts and ideas.