“The Choice of Aurvandil” terminology

Specie, Sub-specie

I have not made a mistake by saying “specie”. It means the same as “species”.

For example, in our world as we know it, tigers are a cat species. In the Six Ringed World, tigers are a sub-specie of the cat specie.



The Universal language adapted from Human English as the first Humans to settle in the Six Ringed World were English speakers.


First Ring, Second Ring…etc.

First Ring refers to the innermost ring. Sixth Ring refers to the outermost ring.

Think of an onion with six rings. Each ring is a torus (doughnut-shaped) world.


Magic (or magick)

In the articles, to make it simple, I usually write “magic”, yet in the novel I use “magick”.

Magic, in real life, can refer to those tricks that a magician does with cards or fire or whatnot, so some people like to differentiate and add a “k” at the end. I think people practicing Wicca use “magick” not “magic”.

If I think of anything else, I’ll add it here.



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