Where is the salt?

In the Ringed World, there are no oceans. Only lakes and rivers.

You read that right. No oceans. So, there is no salt.

However, a body of salty water does exist. We’ll get into that later.

Coming Prepared to the Saltless World

When Humans came from Earth to the Ringed World, they had known beforehand that there were no oceans so they would never get any salt.

Humans need salt. Sweat has salt, tears have salt, and food does not taste good without salt. So, they brought salt from Earth and figured out a way to recreate miniature oceans called,

Salt Pools

Yep. They could not come up with a better name and then the name stuck.

But, unbeknownst to Humans at the time,

This World Did Have Salt

Between the Fourth and Fifth Rings, is a pocket of an atmosphere created by magic. It is connected to the Fourth Ring, attached to it like a peninsula would be.

It is called the Forest Crup. People often talk about it as if it is a living thing.

Example: “The Forest Crup likes to fool people.” “The Forest Crup is acting up.”

One can access the Forest Crup by way of an extra entrance (a door) between the Fourth Ring and Third Rings.

The Forest Crup is rumored to be where all magic users deposited their failed magic attempts and so the island is chaos and insanity, with warped time, gravity, and atmosphere.

None of the races live here and there is no way anyone can live here. Only strange creatures can be found.

The Forest Crup is where a body of salty water exists. This water does have tides like an ocean would, however, it has an edge – a steep, dropping waterfall that goes to who-knows-where.

After Humans invaded the Ringed World and all but pushed the native creatures to near extinction, they discovered there was salt in the Forest Crup. A few explorers who went there and returned told others about the huge ocean-like area. Humans were ecstatic as they thought the Ringed World didn’t have salt.

(Although these explorers were dubbed as insane after returning so no one actually knows if there really is salt in the Forest Crup.)

Naturally, Humans thought if they could get to this salt, they wouldn’t have to keep importing it from Earth (which is a long while away even with fast space travel).


The warped atmosphere in the Forest Crup meant many wandered around the same spot for days on end, were chased by creatures and were never seen again, or, became so confused with the warped time, gravity, and atmosphere that when they did return home, they had gone insane.

And, no one saw the ocean-like area. Some claimed to have smelled some briny breeze, but they had gone insane, too.

Can’t trust ’em.


Many Humans have given up trying to get to the salt. They have also stopped importing the salt and started to mass produce it in labs.

So…is there salt in the Forest Crup? Is there an ocean-like area?


There is 😉

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