My 2018 Accomplishments and 2019 Goals

The last day of 2018. What are my accomplishments and what do I hope to accomplish for the coming 2019? a.k.a what are my goals?

These lists are to inspire you to make your own lists just to show yourself how far you have come and how much more you can do.


0. Misspelled the word “accomplishments” without even trying

  1. This website, duh 😉
  2. Finished the third draft of “Red, White, or In Between
  3. Finished the first draft of “Dark Matters ~Anomalies~
  4. Finished creating the book of magic for a novel (secret)
  5. Leveled up my covermaking skills
  6. On the edge of finishing two books simultaneously: “The Scepter of Tamido” and “The Façade of Quad in Nimrod” are both on their last few chapters which is so super exciting!!!!!
  7. Won some awards in awards books on Wattpad which was not a goal per say but it’s still an accomplishment

And that’s it!


So now, the goals for next year and we’re talking about a whole ‘nother year here.

  1. Finish “The Scepter of Tamido” and “The Façade of Quad in Nimrod” and the first round of editing.
  2. Only when the above two are finished, to a point, begin working on secret novel project
  3. Reconstruct the world building of my very first novel (which was an experience, nothing more, but I hate to see interesting stories go to waste so I’m gonna try to revive it somehow. The entire thing needs to be revamped. ugh.)
  4. Finish “The Puppeteer Series” first drafts.
  5. Currently on poem number 626 (Stitch). Try to get to 800 next year.
  6. Win more awards if all possible.

And that’s my list for the entire 2019! Let me tell ya, I was so tempted to write a poem about an alien creature for poem number 626 but I didn’t.

Anyway, try to make your own list of accomplishments and goals. Don’t add things that aren’t fun (like exams or looking for a job) or you will never want to look at the list again. Just write down fun goals.

Well, this is the last post of 2018!

Happy New Year’s! And thank you to those who have been following me and all of you out there who have been reading and visiting 😉 I wish you all the best and hope to see you all next year 😀


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