Catching Fish Mafia Style

I’ve never been fishing. In fact, I don’t know much about fishing at all. Fishing sounds like the most boring hobby there is out there.

Mcelligots pool.jpg

The only fishing I know about is in that Dr. Seuss story, McElligot’s Pool, which is basically a story about a little boy fishing at a McElligot’s Pool/Pond and imaging all the fish that could be in the sea and how fun it is. Don’t get me wrong, McElligot’s Pool is one of my most favorite Dr. Seuss books.

“Why would anyone actually want to make a career out of fishing/blogging??? They must be crazy!”

Anyway, people who never blog or rarely blog, might say the same about blogging. Not that it’s their most favorite Dr. Seuss book but that they think it’s the most boring hobby there is out there and they cannot imagine why anyone would ever want to make a career out of it.

And, they might ask, “Won’t you run out of ideas?”

The boy, Marco, in McElligot’s Pool imagines there is a whole sea full of fish that is connected to the little pond he’s fishing at and so, the pond could be full of fish as well. And that’s why he likes fishing. He likes to sit there with his head in the clouds.


A blogger needs to have a pond like that full of fish blog topics which they can pull out and talk about otherwise, they’re just a bunch of raisins. Dried up and out of ideas.

Ugh :/

I don’t like raisins. They taste funny.


when I’m suffering from a mild case of writersblockitis, I tend to find myself fishing for topics in my pond. Either ones I have already talked about in my early blogging years and would like to revisit, or something new.

Revisiting old topics is easy. You’re just catching the same fish again.

Essentially, zombie fish.

New topics are new fish. A new challenge.

So how do I catch new topics?

Well, I buy the most expensive fishing rod and use the most prestigious worm completed with a top hat and a rank as the head guy in the mafia. He’ll sneakily crawl into the pond and catch the new topic for me.


Oooh, yes, he has his ways. He and his other worm friends will sneak up behind a topic and snatch it up from the streets. The topic will never know what hit him. His head would be covered with a bag so he can’t tell which way they’re taking him. Mafia Worm will soon have a hoard of topics for me to choose from. A very reliable contact is Mafia Worm.

Mafia Worm.

I looked up “mafia worm” in Google Images. I was not expecting to actually find a mafia worm. Whoever drew this is awesome. It’s from Pinterest. By someone called joseflydesign.

What I really do is I take a moment and think,

“What kind of things do I enjoy talking about? What do I like? Is there any thought I’ve had recently that I want to share?”

I also often look through my other articles and think, hmm, did I miss anything?

Speaking of blog topics, ever wonder where the word “blog” came from and what the first blog was like? What was a blog way back when? What was it supposed to be?

Now that, is a new topic 🙂

Questioning a word, an origin of something, an opinion I had that changed over the years, all those can be blog topics.

So what about your personal life, NJ? What about that? Lots of peeps blog about their personal lives, what about yours’?

Well thank you for asking. And what about it? 😛 For me, my personal life isn’t that interesting to type up for you guys to read. A day in the life of The Tiger Writer is not as spicy as the name suggests.

There are spicier tigers out there, guys.


Try Me Tiger Sauce


According to,

“Exotic, Moderately Spicy Blend in a cayenne pepper base
Perfect on meat, seafood and poultry
Has a touch of sweet and sour taste
Delicious Dressing, on sandwiches, and in dips and soups”

Try Me Tiger Sauce.

heheh *small smile*

I won’t Try You Tiger Sauce.

I can’t eat spicy food, Tiger Sauce.

And the sinister sound of “Tiger Sauce” isn’t doing you any good.

If any of you try the Try Me Tiger Sauce, let me know.


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