Don’t ask me why I write poetry, Boromir

We are very curious, nosy creatures. We cannot keep our noses out of other people’s businesses.


We cannot keep our mouths shut about our own stuff when we are asked why we do things either. Especially if it has to do with our hobbies or our work. We love to tell people about ourselves and love to hear about them, too.

It’s probably some kind of primitive need to be connected to others. We are very sticky creatures that do not want to be alone.

Even the elderly like to stick together.

Why am I talking…writing about this, you say?

You nosy little thing! :0

Just kidding! 😀

I found an interesting question on Wattpad today.

“Why do you write poetry and what subjects do you write about?”

I have been asked, “Why do you write?” I have been asked, “Why do you like to write?” and every question in between (e.g. Why fantasy? When did you start writing? Who inspired you to write? What is your favorite genre to write? etc.)

But never have I been asked: “Why do you write poetry?”

Well I…hmm…why, indeed?

It stumped me. Why indeed?

I quote my Wattpad self:

“Most of my poetry is either things I have thought about, inspired by nature, or even a kind of fictional story. I don’t really write personal things (although I do have some). I probably write poetry because…I get inspired to and it’s not enough for a short story.”

Then I added

“Oh yes, I also like how experimental poetry can be. I like trying all kinds of styles and playing around :)”

But does that answer the question?


Okay so maybe there is no reason?

Do you always have to have a reason to do something besides the fact that you enjoy it? Can’t you just simply enjoy something without any deeper reason? Can’t you just simply walk into Mordor?

I swear this is the most meme-ified scene ever.

Okay, Boromir, but you can simply like something, right?

I like writing poetry. That’s why I write it.

I have no more reasons to give, Boromir.

If I didn’t like it, why would I write it? Right, Boromir?

giphy boromir.gif


Good. I win.

Case closed.


Note: I do not own Boromir or “Mordor”. They are under the property of the “Lord of the Rings” franchise and J. R. R. Tolkien.

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