A Rauvuren Asaves Lifestyle

Rauvuren Asaves = Halfhumans of the Asaves specie, Rauvuren sub-specie. Their black feathers make them look like ravens, hence, the name “Rauvuren” which is more or less a clan name than a sub-specie name. The Rauvuren are also the only Asaves which are ruled by a Lord (or Lady) and which can use magick and summon sigils.

Rauvuren Asaves live secluded from other Halfhumans in a castle which exists within the Fourth Ring (Sorcerer’s Ring), and they have developed their own unique lifestyle. Here I will share with you their meal time rules, bath time rituals, ranks, and language.



What is most interesting is how they eat. It is different during a party and during a typical meal time in the banquet hall.

While a party may allow lower ranks to converse with higher ranks, a typical meal time is strict and does not allow communication between lower and higher.

Even an adult of a lower rank must not talk to a child of a higher rank unless the child talks to them first.

Yet, the boss of all Rauvuren Asaves is the Lord who is respected by everyone. No one will start eating until he (or she) is seated.

Asaves eat four to five times per day due to their small stomachs and quick digestive systems. Only breakfast and dinner are held in the banquet hall and all Asaves must join. The smaller meals are held in each family’s room as those small meals are considered a special bonding time for families.



bathroom bottle clean container

Speaking of bonding time, bath time is another interesting aspect of Rauvuren Asaves life. It is more like a ritual than a mundane bath. Since Asaves naturally enjoy bath time as do their bird animal counterparts, it is important that it is done right.

Rauvuren children are very few each year and some years there are no newborns. For this reason, a child must be greatly cared for. This means children are required to take a bath first before any other family member because the water is purest then.

Then, youngest to oldest take a bath in that order. The water is changed between generations to keep it clean.

The following steps are general steps for bath time for any age.

  1. Undress in private, or around a parent
  2. Rinse body with lukewarm water
  3. Prune feathers
  4. Use any soap on skin and moringa soap on feathers
  5. Wash off soap and dry off
  6. Sit in sauna for five minutes
  7. Massage moringa oil into skin and feathers
  8. Dry off
  9. Use any soap on skin and moringa soap on feathers
  10. Wash off soap and dry off
  11. Prune feathers
  12. Drink chamomile, rose, lavender, or mint tea for relaxation


Not all Rauvuren have feathers all over or even a beak. This Rauvuren has feathers down her back with a swooping tail.

The most unusual part of Rauvuren Asaves compared to other Asaves is their ability to access magick and summon sigils. They are the only Asaves which can do this and they have always been more sensitive to the magick in the air than other Asaves. So, just as there are ranks of Sorcerers among Sorcerer Humans and Sorcerer Halfhumans, there are ranks of Rauvuren Sorcerers as well.

Ranks of Rauvuren Sorcerers also reflect on their social status. The higher their magick status, the higher their social status.

Aprintyv (aper-RIN-taiv) – Sounds like the word “apprentice” but it means “student”. It means that they are still learning how to harness the magick in the air but can perform basic spells and summon basic sigils.

Felginryv (FELJ-iggin-raiv) – Comes from the word “fledgling” which is a young bird that has just learned to fly. A Felginryv is a young Rauvuren Asaves which has just learned to harness the magick in the air and use that to perform spells and summon sigils.

Trauvryn (TRAWF-vair-ren) – A learned Rauvuren. Has reached maturity and can control magick at will and summon sigils.

Lordvyv , Lorvryn (LOR-der-faiv, LORF-vair-ren) – Lord, Lady. These are Trauvryn with noble status. This status is passed on down through the family. If there are none in the immediate family, the status is passed on to relatives (up to second cousins) who have Trauvryn or potential Trauvryn.


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Rauvuren Asaves have also adapted their own language apart from ancient Avesian (that all Asaves speak) which are similar to the calls of bird animals. This allows them to communicate with bird animals to an extent.

Because of this the throats and tongues of Rauvuren Asaves are differently structured than other Asaves species of the Halfhuman race.

As for the written language, only Avesian is written down and all Avesian share the same written language. As for “Rauvuren tongue” any written version is largely interpreted using the Universal Language so the actual pronunciation may be slightly different.

Such as Felginryv (FELJ-iggin-raiv) above. You can tell the spelling and pronunciation are off. That’s because the spelling was the closest to the actual sound and the best version which other Asaves or other races could read and understand.

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