Again & Rain Don’t Rhyme BUT…

You’ve probably seen a poem that rhymes “again” and “rain”. Or maybe “up” and “enough”. Or, “round” and “cloud”.

Agayn….rayn…ay…ay, ay, ay, yo (“Replay” by Iyaz?)


Just doesn’t work.


I realized something.

These rhymes might work if you read them in a different accent which comes from a different country, and it doesn’t have to be an English-speaking one.

I can’t remember the exact word but I was reading a poem and came across one of these

grumpy words. I was just like oh, puh-lease!

But then, something told me to read it in a British accent.

It worked. And then I realized from the author’s bio that they were British. Makes sense.

That means…

what does that mean?

It means maybe we shouldn’t be biased so much to the American English language.

It also means that something is telling me to read things with a British accent.

Maybe. Idk.

Although, seriously? Rain and Again? That rhyme has been done since the dawn of time and it irks me. Like, why couldn’t you poets have tried a little harder not to do that?



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