Kathula Clan Structure

Clan Structure

All clans have a leading family. These families descended from the first Kathula who created the clans.

from the top…

Shaman/Shamala: Shaman is the male leader of a clan and a Shamala is what they call their female counterparts.

Just a quick note – “Shaman” isn’t used with the same meaning as what you might be familiar with. So, here’s our definition and the Kathula definition.

SHAMAN: (In our world) A person regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of good and evil spirits. Typically such people enter a trance state during a ritual, and practise divination and healing. (Oxford Dictionaries)

SHAMAN/SHAMALA: (Kathula) A Kathula regarded through ancestry as a leader of their respective clan. Using natural ingredients, they will make potions to heal or relax. They will bear the marking of a Shaman/Shamala on their forehead which is where all magical power is stored. (The Tiger Writer Dictionaries)

Elders: Elders have a high status among the clan members for their wisdom and longevity.

Hunters: Some members of the clan specialize in hunting and gathering food. Because food is an important necessity, they are higher in clan status.

Guards: Even though Edglings do not let Kathula leave the Third Ring, there can still be skirmishes with other clans over food or land. Guards are the diplomats in a sense, making sure that peace is kept and the boarders are secure.

Commons: The commons are everyone else including mothers and children.

(Warriors: Before oppression, Kathula used to be a warrior anthro species. A majority of young Kathula, male and female, trained to be warriors and used weapons and magic to kill others. Warriors had the highest status after Shaman/Shamala. That all changed when Edglings took control of Kathula.)

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Q & A

Do Kathula have jobs?

Within their clan even commons have certain jobs to do like repairing houses, constructing wells, making clothes, or teaching children.

Do Kathula farm?

Yes, they do. They have gardens and may even keep livestock.

Is the leader, the Shaman, allowed to have more than one wife?

Yes. If he wants to and his first wife has agreed, he can take on as many as four wives to ensure the leader family lives on.

Do the clans gather and meet each other?

No. Only the Shamans/Shamalas meet each other to update on clan progress and anything of concern. Edglings do not allow Kathula to mingle with each other believing it will give Kathula power to rebel.

Are females inferior?

They are not inferior as they are the ones that bear the children. BUT, if the Shaman is alive, he will have a higher status than his Shamala wife and she will take on a lesser role of being a housewife.

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