The Scary Thing for a Writer *gasps*

There are many things

a writer doesn’t want to do.

But this one thing,

this particular thing, is daunting.

Tears the writer apart.

Makes them doubt whether or not

they were even good enough.

But sometimes, they have to make that leap of faith,

and trust their gut.

That one thing, haunted me for a long time.

That one thing, makes me write in prose right now.

(Of course I’m kidding).

And that,

is turning your original story upside down,

and reinventing the entire plot.

(oooo *ghost sounds*)

The first novel I ever finished, I was so ready to publish it. Took me 7 years to write, darn it. So ready to get a literary agent to represent me and get my book out there.

(I even had an image of what a hard copy of my book would look like. I wanted golden embossed font for the title. Yeah, not gonna settle for some normal flat boring stuff.)

After I queried, I had a good four months or so to wait for all my replies (which were, of course, rejections, duh). So I started on Wattpad and began writing stories for that monstrosity.

Then, I came to realize how not ready my novel is.

Is it finished, or not? That is the question!

THE Sherlock Holmes: I believe it is not finished. I mean, look, *shoves draft in my face* look at the first four, five chapters.

Image result for sherlock holmes
All the Sherlock Holmes that came to ridicule help me.

Me: Yeah? It’s backstory. It’s needed. *looks around at all the Sherlock Holmeses and wonders which one I can trust the best*

Sherlock Another Holmes: Do you even hear yourself, you idiot? It’s five chapters of backstory.

Me: Oh.

Sherlock The Other Holmes: *knowing look* Oh, yeah! *scoffs* You didn’t see that? Sure it’s interesting but, who the he-

Me: No swearing.

Sherlock The Other Holmes: *grimace* Who the heck *looks at me for approval and I nod* would read five chapters of backstory before the actual story starts?

Me: I would but I see your point. Okay.


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